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Flooding on Southdowns street addressed following 2 On Your Side report

Posted 6:23 PM 4/10/2024 by Brittany Weiss

BATON ROUGE - People living along Aberdeen Avenue in the Southdowns neighborhood of Baton Rouge are excited to see their street drain. They reached out to 2 On Your Side for help several (More)


Drivers avoid four-way stop, treat cut through like racetrack

Posted 6:39 PM 4/9/2024 by Brittany Weiss

BATON ROUGE - A neighborhood is at its wits end after the city's traffic engineering department came back and told them their street doesn't meet the qualifications for traffic calming.

Frank Wilson has lived along Crestwood Street in Baton Rouge for more than a decade. He says he's tired (More)


Constable posting warrant notices on doors, woman receives one in error

Posted 7:02 PM 4/8/2024 by Brittany Weiss

BATON ROUGE - One woman came home from work last week to a green notice on her door saying she had an active warrant for her arrest and had 24 hours to get in touch with the city constable and clear her name.

It scared her. Not sure if the notice was legitimate or a scam, the woman (More)


Victim says Baker School System failed in handling her, others' abuse

Posted 5:53 PM 4/5/2024 by Brittany Weiss

BAKER - A woman says she is also a victim of sexual misconduct by a Baker School System employee who was recently arrested.

Antonia Caine was the principal at Baker Middle School up until last fall when the school system did not renew her contract. She says around the time she left, she (More)


SMA patient searching for doctor, turned away due to insurance

Posted 2:50 PM 4/9/2024 by Brittany Weiss

UPDATE: After Donovan's story, several doctors reached out hoping to help. Monday, Sydney met with one of the doctors who agreed to see her and will help her with any future needs.

BATON ROUGE - Sydney Donovan has overcome a lot of health challenges. Now, at (More)


Landowner allows pipeline access, blames work for property flooding

Posted 7:47 PM 4/2/2024 by Brittany Weiss

ZACHARY - A property owner living a few hundred feet away from the Comite Diversion Canal project says he's locked into a deal that's causing him to flood. After his concerns were ignored, he contacted 2 On Your Side.

When Jimmy Pigrenet bought his property on Old Baker Road 15 years ago (More)


Home repairs made, in works for victim in police chase that ended in crash

Posted 6:40 PM 4/1/2024 by Brittany Weiss

BATON ROUGE - After a car being chased by police crashed into her home, 2 On Your Side helped Connie Bailey replace what was damaged and lost.

Bailey was at home on March 10, 2024, when a (More)


Downtown parking enforcement to begin, patrolled by BRPD

Posted 5:42 PM 3/28/2024 by Brittany Weiss

BATON ROUGE - If you work in or visit downtown Baton Rouge, chances are you have experienced parking. It's not always easy, and has taken the City-Parish many years to transition from coin-fed machines to card-reading kiosks and pay-by-app.

Alas, parking kiosks were installed downtown in (More)


Property abandoned, neighbor continues years-long battle to address Ascension Parish blight

Posted 5:59 PM 3/27/2024 by Brittany Weiss

PRAIRIEVILLE - It's a problem 2 On Your Side has been looking into for several years — one woman's fight with the blight adjacent to her property. The property in question is on Charlie Brown Road off of LA-933 near Joe Sevario Road.

Deanna Landry first reached out to Brittany Weiss (More)


Victim in police chase that ended in crash looking for help repairing home

Posted 6:04 PM 3/25/2024 by Brittany Weiss

BATON ROUGE — A woman's home was hit by a teen driving a stolen car at the end of a police pursuit. Her front porch is now propped up by jacks and doesn't have a working gas meter.

Thankfully, Connie Bailey wasn't injured in the incident, but her home is damaged because of that (More)


Homeowner determined to find responsible party for flooding issues

Posted 5:11 PM 3/22/2024 by Brittany Weiss

BATON ROUGE - Patricia Sullivan says she wants someone to take responsibility for all the water that's flooding her property every time it rains.

"They've been telling us since 2005 that they're going to fix it and they have never fixed it," she said.

Sullivan's home backs up to (More)


Homeowner fears broken guardrail creates safety issue, several requests submitted for repairs

Posted 9:08 AM 3/26/2024 by Brittany Weiss

UPDATE The City-Parish made repairs to the guardrail Monday morning. Melody Russell says she is happy to have her safety net back in place.

BATON ROUGE - A guardrail protecting a home was knocked down by a car last December. For months, it has (More)


Multiple attempts to pay late daughter's bill go unaddressed by furniture company, fees accrue

Posted 6:11 PM 3/19/2024 by Brittany Weiss

BATON ROUGE - A mom is trying to settle the debt of her daughter who died last year. There's one bill from a furniture company that will not go away. After exhausting her options, she called 2 On Your Side.

Barbara Narcisse's daughter, Sheena Daniels, died last August from a heart attack. (More)...


Council to vote on UDC change regarding forensic facilities

Posted 5:54 PM 3/18/2024 by Brittany Weiss

BATON ROUGE - The East Baton Rouge Metro Council will take on an amendment to the unified development code that would create a 1,000 foot buffer between a forensic facility and a community like a school, park, or neighborhood.

The measure comes about a year after a forensic psychiatric (More)


Power company makes changes in neighborhood with frequent outages after call from 2 On Your Side

Posted 2:57 AM 3/14/2024 by Brittany Weiss

PRAIRIEVILLE - A fleet of Entergy trucks were busy at work Wednesday morning making improvements to a neighborhood that often loses power.

Residents living in Tall Timber (More)

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