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Friday's Health Report: 88-year-old former bodybuilder still pumping iron

Posted 4:41 PM 7/12/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — An 88-year-old former bodybuilder is still pumping iron and is a true inspiration to all fitness junkies.

The gym is where Jim Cothran feels most at home. He’s there three times a week, in fact.

"I enjoy it. Some days I do legs, some days I do chest. Some (More)


Wednesday's Health Report: Experimental procedure can bring back throat cancer survivors' voices

Posted 4:45 PM 7/10/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — It's a rare procedure, but a man in Massachusetts is the third person, in the U.S. to undergo a total larynx transplant.

It allows him to speak again after cancer threatened to take that ability from him forever.

"It's been a long journey,” Marty Kedian (More)


Tuesday's Health Report: Tips for beating morning grogginess

Posted 4:59 PM 7/9/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Seven to nine hours of sleep a night is recommended for adults. But sometimes you can get the right amount of sleep and still wake up feeling tired.

If you get enough sleep but can't kick the morning grogginess, there may be a reason—something known as a (More)


Monday's Health Report: Birth defects like cleft lip can be prevented by taking action during pregnancy

Posted 4:44 PM 7/8/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Cleft lip and cleft palate affect thousands of babies every year, according to the CDC. But there are ways to reduce risk.

It happens when a baby's lip or mouth doesn't fully form during pregnancy. A cleft lip is an opening in a baby's upper lip and a cleft palate is in (More)


Friday's Health Report: Death rate for uterine cancer continue to rise, especially among Black women

Posted 4:45 PM 7/5/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Uterine cancer is the most diagnosed gynecologic cancer in America, and despite advances in cancer research and treatments, death rates continue to rise, especially among Black women.

"She was the most outgoing, caring person in the world,” Brenton Webb, whose (More)


Thursday's Health Report: Safety always comes first when handling, lighting fireworks

Posted 4:40 PM 7/4/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — From bottle rockets to aerial fireworks, Fourth of July fun can turn dangerous in an instant if the explosive devices aren't properly used.

"We know that there's still way too many injuries and deaths associated with fireworks,” Alex Hoehn-Saric, the chair of the (More)


Wednesday's Health Report: New developments in prostate cancer treatment can lead to quicker recovery

Posted 5:14 PM 7/3/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Nearly 300,000 cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in 2024, According to the American Cancer Society.

Treatments include chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, targeted drug therapy, radiation and robotic surgery. Experts say advancements in robotic (More)


Tuesday's Health Report: Ahead of July 4, it's important to be aware of outdoor food prep, safety

Posted 4:44 PM 7/2/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Picnics can be great during summertime — especially with Independence Day just around the corner. But you need to make sure the heat does not spoil your food.

It is important to pay attention to how much you are preparing, especially when it comes to burgers and (More)


Monday's Health Report: Parents shouldn't be alarmed by a baby's red birthmark

Posted 4:38 PM 7/1/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — A hemangioma is a bright red birthmark that shows up in the first or second week of life. It looks like a rubbery bump and is made of extra blood vessels in the skin.

While they're technically tumors, parents shouldn't let that name or their stark appearance worry (More)


Friday's Health Report: Surgery early can help prevent hip problems later in life

Posted 4:43 PM 6/28/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Hip issues are often thought of as something older people deal with. But they can be present at birth.

Some of these conditions are caught and corrected early, but not all.

Hip dysplasia is a condition where the ball and socket of the joint don't fit together (More)


Thursday's Health Report: Chlorine to blame for dry skin, hair after a day of swimming

Posted 5:18 PM 6/27/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — if you notice your hair or skin tends to feel more dry after swimming at the pool, chlorine is likely to blame. Experts say it is a very common problem.

"Chlorine is a great product for your pool because it helps disinfect it, right? So, it keeps bacterial counts down (More)


Wednesday's Health Report: Cancer-related fatigue can affect you before, during, after treatment

Posted 4:42 PM 6/26/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — People can experience cancer-related fatigue before, during and after treatments. It goes beyond just being tired; it may be challenging to even get out of bed in the morning. 

Ask anyone experiencing cancer fatigue, and they will tell you that it's horrendous. It (More)


Tuesday's Health Report: Acetaminophen safe for pregnant women, doesn't cause developmental disorders

Posted 4:40 PM 6/25/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — A recent study found taking acetaminophen during pregnancy does not increase the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders.

The over-the-counter medication is commonly used for pain relief and fevers.

“This is something that I think is really important for moms (More)


Friday's Health Report: Severe hearing loss can lead to dementia, cochlear implants may help

Posted 4:48 PM 6/21/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Recent studies have shown a strong link between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Severe hearing loss can make the risk of cognitive decline up to five times more likely.

Imagine the effort it would take to constantly squint at a blurry chalkboard. That's similar to (More)


Thursday's Health Report: Summer activities for kids should exercise both mind and body

Posted 4:43 PM 6/20/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Kids have been out of school for a while and ideas for all that free time may be running out. Parents are encouraged to ask their kids what activities are appealing.

"Talk to your kids about what they want to do. Sometimes you think, 'Oh, this will be fun.' And your (More)


Wednesday's Health Report: How an active workstation can help you move more, think better

Posted 4:45 PM 6/19/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — New research shows an active workstation can help you move more and think better at work without affecting your job. Sitting too much can even increase your risk for certain diseases.

"Sitting for eight hours or more a day is almost as bad as smoking a pack of (More)


Tuesday's Health Report: How stress affects your health, how to handle that stress

Posted 4:41 PM 6/18/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Stress can have an impact on both your physical and mental well-being. A clinical psychologist says stress management education is essential.

"We have to remember that stress, while it's inevitable, is not something that we can't control. We have effective coping tools (More)


Monday's Health Report: Brain tumors can affect quality of life as well as length of life

Posted 4:40 PM 6/17/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — A brain tumor can significantly affect a person's quality of life, not just length of life.

There are different types of brain tumors and ways to treat them that a healthcare team may consider.

Primary brain tumors are those that originate in the brain, like (More)

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