Weathering The Storm 2014

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  • A "summery" fall day

    September 30, 2014

    We'll start off sunny this morning, acquiring a few clouds by the afternoon. It will be a little muggy and warm, with a high temperatures of 88 degrees today. We should all stay out of the 90s, but it will certainly feel like the lower 90s. There's only about a... more »

Hurricane Preparedness Guides

Guides from Hurricane Preparedness Week

Plan for the storm - Once a storm has developed, there is far too little time to make adequate preparations to ensure the full safety of life and property.

Forecasting the storm - How hurricane forecasts are developed, and what information they contain.

Hurricane winds - High winds can create extreme destruction, are easier to forecast than storm surges, and serve as the marker for which hurricanes are rated.

Storm surge - The most life-threatening of tropical hazards is storm surge and inland flooding from a hurricane.

After the storm - Tips for dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane in your area.

Emergency Info

When a hurricane watch or warning is issued
Hurricane watch and warning procedures.

When to evacuate
Evacuation procedural tips.

Pet care in disasters
Tips for evacuation of your pet(s).

Emergency contact information
List of important emergency numbers.

Weather Photos