• TPSO: Amite cop accused of kidnapping, rape

    Updated: 10:54 PM 10/1/2014

    HAMMOND - Sheriff's deputies accused an Amite City Police officer of kidnapping and sexually assaulting two women in Tangipahoa Parish. Deputies arrested Grant Carruth, 25, Tuesday on charges of second degree kidnapping, aggravated rape, sexual battery, and theft. Sheriff Daniel Edwards said his department has been investigating the... (More)
  • Police investigate Wednesday night shooting

    Police investigate Wednesday night shooting

    Updated: 10:36 PM 10/1/2014

    BATON ROUGE- Police said late Wednesday, officers responded to a shooting south of Airline Highway on Plank Road. Officers were not able to release specific information immediately after the response. But, the department said the investigation is centered on the intersection of Plank and Cannon Street. A witness... (More)
  • A minor's unaccompanied story

    Updated: 10:22 PM 10/1/2014

    BATON ROUGE - In February, a 17-year-old crossed the U.S. border illegally attempting to find her mother and escape the crime and violence at home in La Entrada, Copán. "She suffered a lot of abuse from her father," the girl's mother, Ordina, said through a translator. "That was one... (More)
  • Semi collision closes rural Louisiana highway

    Semi collision closes rural Louisiana highway

    Updated: 9:03 PM 10/1/2014

    NORWOOD - Highway 67 south of the state line was closed Wednesday evening as State Police worked a crash involving two 18-wheelers. Authorities said little information was available shortly after the wreck, but did describe the crash as being a "serious injury" collision. The wreck happened about a mile... (More)
  • A need for speed

    A need for speed

    Updated: 7:56 PM 10/1/2014

    DETROIT, MICHIGAN- A new version of the classic Chevy Corvette can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in under three-seconds. General Motors says the 2015 Corvette Z06 can hit 60 mph in 2.95 seconds and can travel a quarter mile in under eleven-seconds. Top speed in the quarter... (More)
  • Singing road in New Mexico

    Singing road in New Mexico

    Updated: 7:48 PM 10/1/2014

    TIJERAS, NEW MEXICO- Transportation leaders in New Mexico hope a new "singing road" will slow speeders along historic Route 66. It'll be built between Albuquerque and Tijeras for a new National Geographic Channel series called "Crowd Control" that debuts in November. Tigress Productions will build it. The road uses... (More)
  • Juban Crossing grand opening October 15

    Updated: 6:48 PM 10/1/2014

    DENHAM SPRINGS - The Juban Crossing development is just two weeks away from its grand opening after years of delays. Belk is set to open October 15 with three other stores opening the last week in October. Several more stores in phase one will open in November. Wednesday... (More)
  • LSU reported sex crimes see big increase

    Updated: 6:48 PM 10/1/2014

    BATON ROUGE - Some crime at LSU saw a big jump last year as statistics released Wednesday show that sex crimes spiked during 2013. A combination of two theories is suspected by LSU Police to help explain why the number of sex crimes spiked on the state's largest college... (More)
  • Timothy Vessel forced into recall election

    Updated: 6:47 PM 10/1/2014

    GONZALES - Councilman Timothy Vessel will be forced to defend his job after 2,188 voters signed a petition demanding he leave office. Vessel is one of two councilmen, including Gary Lacombe, that face the recall, likely to be held in December, after the Save Gonzales campaign worked for months... (More)
  • PSC OKs refunds for some Entergy customers

    PSC OKs refunds for some Entergy customers

    Updated: 6:21 PM 10/1/2014

    NEW ORLEANS - The Louisiana Public Service Commission has approved a one-time refund for customers of Entergy Louisiana and Entergy Gulf States Louisiana. The commission Wednesday authorized the refunds which will show on customers' bills starting at the end of October. The LPSC estimates the credit to the average residential... (More)

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