Warmth and Invest 96L

Warmth and Invest 96L

Posted 3:37 AM 8/21/2014 by Meteorologist Josh Eachus

Early sunshine will promote a rapid warmup into the mid-90s. By afternoon we should see a few cumulus clouds as thermometers chug into the upper 90s. The high temperatures combined with oppressive humidity will make the body sense over 100° outside for many hours this afternoon. Isolated (More)


Don't buy the hype, steal the truth

Posted 1:54 PM 8/20/2014 by Meteorologist Josh Eachus

It is inescapable; a few times each year, significant weather systems affect the United States. More frequently, long-term forecast models hint at the possibility of a serious weather event and nothing ever materializes. And intolerably too often, long-term weather modeling gets into the wrong (More)


Fewer showers, more heat

Fewer showers, more heat

Posted 3:37 AM 8/19/2014 by Meteorologist Josh Eachus

The day will be mainly sunny early with a quick warmup into the lower 90s. By noontime, vertical clouds will develop and perhaps grow enough to bring an isolated shower or thunderstorm. Although activity is expected to be far less widespread than on Monday, any storms that get wound up could provide heavy downpours and frequent lightning.

The nighttime hours mark an end to showers and a break in clouds. It will remain muggy with lows in the mid-70s.


Like Sunday

Like Sunday

Posted 3:48 AM 8/18/2014 by Meteorologist Josh Eachus

Monday's weather will be similar to Sunday with scattered showers and thunderstorms developing late in the morning and moving about Southeast Louisiana and South Mississippi through the late afternoon hours. Any showers and storms could produce heavy downpours, frequent lightning and gusty winds. (More)...


Heading into the weekend

Heading into the weekend

Posted 3:37 AM 8/15/2014 by Meteorologist Josh Eachus

Warm but not terribly humid conditions will be felt under mostly sunny Friday skies. Highs will make it to the low 90s.

The overnight will have an evening cloud or two followed by the all clear and lows in the 70s again. Mugginess will be creeping back.

The weekend won't feature the (More)

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