• Zachary crash leaves one person dead, others hurt

    Zachary crash leaves one person dead, others hurt

    Updated: 9:45 PM 2/26/2015

    ZACHARY - One person died and two others were severely injured in a crash Thursday evening. Police said the driver of a sedan turned in front of on-coming traffic and was hit by a utility truck towing a trailer. The truck hit the car on the passenger side and... (More)
  • Gas prices in Baton Rouge spiking

    Updated: 9:23 PM 2/26/2015

    BATON ROUGE - In the last two weeks, gas prices have surged above the $2 mark and experts warn they could continue to rise over the next few weeks. The state average is now $2.16; in Baton Rouge, the average is $2.14. The price for a gallon of regular... (More)
  • Students have 'real talk' with law enforcement

    Updated: 6:58 PM 2/26/2015

    BATON ROUGE - Local law enforcement officials reached out to some McKinley High School students on Thursday to talk about "real issues" that police face within the community. From understanding how to handle police officers to understanding when deadly force is used, a number of topics were up for... (More)
  • Miscommunication blamed on costly DPW mistake

    Updated: 6:50 PM 2/26/2015

    BATON ROUGE - The Director of the Department of Public Works blames a miscommunication for a costly mistake that will fall on the backs of taxpayers. Speed humps were installed recently on Inniswold Road off Bluebonnet Boulevard and Jefferson Highway. The humps were installed too high, and had to... (More)
  • Jindal budget seeks to avoid deep college cuts

    Updated: 6:50 PM 2/26/2015

    BATON ROUGE - Gov. Bobby Jindal will propose to scale back spending on tax credits and offer lawmakers money-generating ideas to keep colleges from facing deep, damaging cuts next year. The governor's recommendations for closing a $1.6 billion gap in the fiscal year that begins July 1 will be presented... (More)
  • Special needs daycares fear upcoming budget cuts

    Updated: 6:49 PM 2/26/2015

    DENHAM SPRINGS - When Governor Bobby Jindal presents his budget Friday, special needs daycares will fear the worst with cuts looming. Pedia Trust in Denham Springs is one of 21 special needs daycares in Louisiana. They could all be forced to close if Jindal puts an ax to the... (More)
  • Lawyers sanctioned over mishandling of BP damage claims

    Lawyers sanctioned over mishandling of BP damage claims

    Updated: 6:44 PM 2/26/2015

    NEW ORLEANS - A federal judge has barred three lawyers - including one who worked inside a court-supervised facility - from handling damage claims over BP's 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill because they allegedly lied about a system of payments set up to help speed claims through the process.... (More)
  • Road projects get jump start with money from city-parish

    Updated: 6:18 PM 2/26/2015

    BATON ROUGE - Money is available earlier than expected for roads in Baton Rouge. Five projects are being fast tracked with refinanced bonds providing $40 million. The extra money will go toward a Highland-Burbank connector, south of LSU's campus. A major upgrade to Nicholson Drive in that same area.... (More)
  • Film industry could suffer if tax credits sunset

    Updated: 5:27 PM 2/26/2015

    BATON ROUGE - The popular film tax credits that have helped create "Hollywood South" in Louisiana could face some changes as the state searches for ways to save money. Some lawmakers have proposed changing the program to include a cap of $300 million on the amount of credits doled... (More)
  • Militants abduct more Christians in Syria

    Militants abduct more Christians in Syria

    Updated: 5:26 PM 2/26/2015

    BEIRUT - Islamic State militants have seized more Christians from their homes in northeastern Syria. Fears are mounting over the fate of the abducted Christians, with hundreds taken captive, according to human rights activists. The abductions began Monday, when militants attacked a cluster of villages, sending thousands of people fleeing... (More)

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