• Tabasco is saving lives of Ebola medical workers

    Tabasco is saving lives of Ebola medical workers

    Updated: 11:12 PM 10/23/2014

    AVERY ISLAND - Some orders shipping out of the Tabasco factory in south Louisiana aren't going to homes or restaurants; instead, a hospital in Texas is making orders to use in training workers about how to handle patients possibly sick with Ebola. At the University of Texas Southwestern Medical... (More)
  • Hero deputy, construction workers rescue driver from sinking car

    Hero deputy, construction workers rescue driver from sinking car

    Updated: 11:11 PM 10/23/2014

    BATON ROUGE - An East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's deputy rescued a person from Ward Creek Thursday. The department posted on its Facebook page that some construction workers watched a person drive into the creek from South Mall Drive. The driver was unresponsive and the vehicle was sinking. ... (More)
  • Photo becomes front and center in police inquiry

    Updated: 10:53 PM 10/23/2014

    DENHAM SPRINGS - A fired police officer is using a picture of an officer with his eyes closed to continue his fight against the department he worked for until he was terminated. Thursday, Denham Springs Police Chief Scott Jones confirmed the officer in the picture is sergeant Russell Munsell.... (More)
  • Pharmacy drug ring busted by authorities

    Pharmacy drug ring busted by authorities

    Updated: 8:14 PM 10/23/2014

    BATON ROUGE - Louisiana State Police said three people are behind bars in connection with more than two dozen pharmacy burglaries across two states that resulted in about a million dollars worth of stolen drugs. News 2 first reported the details of the year-long investigation on Oct. 10, the... (More)
  • NYC doctor has Ebola

    NYC doctor has Ebola

    Updated: 8:13 PM 10/23/2014

    NEW YORK- A new case of the Ebola virus has been confirmed in a patient who recently returned to the city following a stint with Doctors Without Borders. The tests confirmed the doctor was sick with the illness Thursday. He had recently returned from work in West Africa. ... (More)
  • Too close for comfort

    Too close for comfort

    Updated: 7:48 PM 10/23/2014

    LONDON- A police officer assigned to the Royal Protection Unit at Buckingham Palace was arrested after ammunition was found in personal lockers on the grounds of the palace. The ammo is thought to have come from Metropolitan Police supplies. The officer is suspended from duty and is being... (More)
  • Classic cars for sale

    Classic cars for sale

    Updated: 7:42 PM 10/23/2014

    DEARBORN, MICHIGAN- A family is selling more than a 120 classic cars that were in their late grandfather's collection and if you're in the market, Dearborn, Michigan is the place to look.

    Blake Weldon says his grandfather died last year doing what he loved, working on his cars. Weldon says he went out in the "exact way he wanted to."

    The collection was built over half a century and Weldon says he grandfather's favorite was the 1988 Oldsmobile Rocket.

  • WBR deputy snared in prostitution sting

    WBR deputy snared in prostitution sting

    Updated: 6:52 PM 10/23/2014

    PORT ALLEN - The West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office confirmed that one of their rookie deputies was arrested recently for soliciting a prostitute. Sheriff Mike Cazes said Florian Deutsch, 33, of Port Allen was arrested in an undercover operation by Baton Rouge police. BRPD said they began their... (More)
  • Controversial Sorrento mayor charged with child porn

    Updated: 6:47 PM 10/23/2014

    SORRENTO - Authorities arrested Wilson Longanecker Jr., the former mayor of Sorrento, Thursday morning and accused him of 40 counts of possessing child porn. The Attorney General's Office said investigators searched Longanecker's home Thursday for several hours. Officers removed evidence from the home before Longanecker himself was arrested. ... (More)
  • Candidates talk weed, terrorism at 6th congressional debate

    Updated: 6:45 PM 10/23/2014

    BATON ROUGE - Seven of the candidates vying for the 6th congressional seat took time this afternoon to answer questions in front of voters. The forum, hosted by Leaders with Vision and broadcast on WBTR, focused on questions from a panel of journalist and the candidates themselves. Three... (More)

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