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Sales tax free for hunters Sept. 5-7

Sales tax free for hunters Sept. 5-7

Posted 5:43 AM 9/1/2014 by Hunter Robinson

BATON ROUGE - Guns, ammunition and other hunting supplies are exempt from state and local sales taxes this weekend. The 2014 Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday runs Friday through Sunday and applies to individual consumer purchases of hunting gear, including (More)


Real movie drama over tax credits

Posted 5:29 AM 8/29/2014 by Trey Schmaltz

BATON ROUGE- The fight over production locations could become as dramatic as the films themselves since California is ready to try to keep cameras in Hollywood.

The (More)


Drones to study parking in downtown

Posted 6:53 AM 8/28/2014 by Hunter Robinson

BATON ROUGE - Drones will be used to study parking in downtown Baton Rouge during peak traffic hours.

The drones will be buzzing around Thursday during the morning and afternoon rush times, as well as during lunch. A parking study has not been conducted since 2004. In the past ten years (More)


Ascension breaks ground on new government complex

Posted 7:23 AM 8/27/2014 by Hunter Robinson

GONZALES - Leaders in Ascension Parish broke ground on a new governmental complex Wednesday morning.

The goal is to have more offices under the same roof. Prep work began about two weeks ago, but the official ribbon cutting began at 9:00 a.m.

The new complex is being constructed on (More)


Judge rules city ordinance violates 2nd Amendment

Posted 6:02 AM 8/26/2014 by Russell Jones

BATON ROUGE - A federal judge ruled Monday that a Baton Rouge ordinance which makes it illegal to have guns at a bar or liquor store violates the Second Amendment.

Chief Judge Brian Jackson also ordered city police to no longer enforce the measure, which was passed in 1951.

Baton (More)


Disabled man shot and killed by neighbor

Disabled man shot and killed by neighbor

Posted 6:39 AM 8/25/2014 by Jessica LeBlanc

BATON ROUGE - One man is dead and no one has been arrested yet.

Gary Andrus, 51, was shot and killed in the yard of his neighbor's house after an altercation broke out.

Police officers responded to the 2600 block of Tecumseh St. around 8:00 Saturday night.

Neighbors who knew (More)

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