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Battle of Port Hudson reenactment this weekend

Posted 6:43 AM 3/27/2015 by Joe Hagan

PORT HUDSON - The annual reenactment of the Siege of Port Hudson is this weekend.

The event will feature volunteers acting out the longest siege ever to take place on American soil. Characters will don Union and Confederate soldier uniforms (More)


School board, public to interview EBR Superintendent candidate tonight

Posted 7:02 AM 3/26/2015 by Rebecca Buchanan

BATON ROUGE- East Baton Rouge is making progress in the search for a new superintendent.

Warren Drake, the former superintendent in Zachary is the man they want for the job. Tonight, the board is expected to interview him.

At last week's meeting the board narrowed the field of (More)


Louisiana Board of Regents commissioner talks budget cuts

Posted 6:34 AM 3/25/2015 by Joe Hagan

BATON ROUGE - The presidents of LSU and Southern University have already expressed they're extremely worried about what massive budget cuts will do to higher education in Louisiana. This morning, the Louisiana Commissioner of Higher Education, Dr. Joseph Rallo, stopped by (More)


Curbing violence the focus of 'BR Lives Matter' panel

Curbing violence the focus of 'BR Lives Matter' panel

Posted 8:16 AM 3/24/2015 by Hunter Robinson

BATON ROUGE - BRAVE and Forum 35 are teaming up to tackle violence in Baton Rouge.

The two organizations will host a panel Tuesday that will focus on steps city officials and other local organizations are taking to curb violence in the community.

They will also discuss ways to (More)


With ER closing soon, urgent care facilities expand hours

Posted 6:37 AM 3/23/2015 by Rebecca Buchanan

BATON ROUGE - The Baton Rouge General Emergency Room is closing it's doors next week. In an effort to treat as many patients as possible, urgent care facilities have officially started taking on extra hours and (More)


BRPD recruiting new officers this weekend

BRPD recruiting new officers this weekend

Posted 6:32 AM 3/20/2015 by Hunter Robinson

BATON ROUGE - The Baton Rouge Police Department is opening its doors for a look inside what it takes to be a police officer.

Officers will be available at an open house Saturday to answer questions and provide information about different jobs inside the department. It will also give (More)

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