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  • Leftovers


    Updated: 5:33 AM 11/28/2014

    Tranquil weather similar to Thanksgiving will carry into the weekend. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: For those returning to work or scouring the region for Black Friday deals, your plans will go uninterrupted, at least as far as the weather goes. Another maximum sunshine type of day is... (More)
  • Serving the meal...

    Serving the meal...

    Updated: 5:26 AM 11/27/2014

    ...of sunshine and cool temperatures. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: Your Thanksgiving will feature a bounty of sunshine and comfortably cool temperatures as highs head for 60°. If you plan to head out after dinner to do some early shopping-bundle up! With clear skies, temperatures will fall into... (More)
  • Winter 2015: what should we expect?

    Winter 2015: what should we expect?

    Updated: 11:16 AM 11/26/2014

    The weather pattern for Summer 2014 ended up returning brutally average climate statistics for Baton Rouge. Seasonal highlights included a warm spell in September and a pair of high precipitation rain events in June. These "outlying" events taunted expectations of a slightly cooler and drier than average summer . To... (More)

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  • Prepping the food...

    Prepping the food...

    Updated: 5:54 AM 11/26/2014

    ...for a feast of fine weather. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: After a very cold start, 4-6° cooler than expected, temperatures will quickly warm into the afternoon hours. With no pesky batch of clouds, like Tuesday, afternoon sunshine will help highs into the upper 60s. The overnight hours... (More)
  • Summer 2014: Hit or Miss?

    Summer 2014: Hit or Miss?

    Updated: 11:10 AM 11/25/2014

    As the calendar approaches meteorological winter in South Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, what could be in store? Will the region experience a more typical, mild pattern, or are perhaps a few bouts of bitter cold air and frozen precipitation in store? After an abnormally wintry 2014, I set out... (More)
  • Gathering the ingredients...

    Gathering the ingredients...

    Updated: 5:54 AM 11/25/2014

    ...for a nice looking plate of holiday weather. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: Our skies will reveal more cloud cover than sunshine on this Tuesday. As a result, already cooler temperatures will be held down a bit further due to the lack of incoming solar radiation-highs will struggle... (More)
  • Cooler and quieter

    Cooler and quieter

    Updated: 5:57 AM 11/24/2014

    THE FORECAST: Fortunately, the local area dodged severe thunderstorms on Sunday Morning with most action staying in the Gulf or well east. The system certainly was poised to, and did cause a number of tornado warnings, but encountered a more stable air mass over the local area allowing some... (More)
  • Strong storms expected Sunday morning

    Updated: 4:31 PM 11/22/2014

    The WBRZ weather team has you covered concerning the threat for severe weather tonight. 

    Meteorologists Josh Eachus and Robert Gauthreaux detail the severe weather potential for Sunday morning in an eight minute video briefing. You can check out the attached "vlog" and also tune into WBRZ during tonight's broadcasts for the latest information with Meteorologist Robert Gauthreaux.

  • Eyes to the weekend

    Eyes to the weekend

    Updated: 6:01 AM 11/21/2014

    While many prepare for an end to the work week, we must also keep a close watch on an elevated threat for severe weather this weekend. THE FORECAST Today and Tonight: Friday will end up very similar to Thursday. Partly sunny afternoon skies won't inhibit the ongoing warmup... (More)
  • Becoming seasonable

    Becoming seasonable

    Updated: 6:09 AM 11/20/2014

    Dry and mild weather will prevail as forecast focus shifts to a weekend severe weather threat. Forecast Discussion: Slight ridging in the upper -levels will work with a surface high pressure system to our northeast to promote a warming trend into the weekend. Southeasterly winds will return average to... (More)

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