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  • Foggy, a bit warmer

    Foggy, a bit warmer

    Updated: 6:19 AM 3/3/2015

    The next two days will be foggy, muggy, mild and showery. Winter strikes back by Thursday. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: After thick morning fog, mostly cloudy skies will continue on Tuesday. While the day won't be entirely dry, don't look for nearly as many showers as Monday.... (More)
  • Severe Weather Awarness Week underway

    Severe Weather Awarness Week underway

    Updated: 10:53 AM 3/2/2015

    Meteorologically speaking, it is now severe weather season for Southeastern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. While tornadoes, damaging thunderstorm winds, large hail, and flash floods can occur at any time of the year, now through May is the time in which these hazards most often occur. As such, the week of... (More)
  • Very March

    Very March

    Updated: 6:17 AM 3/2/2015

    March is beginning as we might typically expect-milder with showers. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: The week will begin cloudy and damp with scattered showers-especially early on Monday. The activity should lessen as we move into the afternoon and evening. Temperatures will be warmer with highs in the... (More)

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  • Time to almost thaw

    Time to almost thaw

    Updated: 9:59 PM 3/1/2015

    While this past January was relatively warm, January is normally the coldest month for the Baton Rouge area. February is typically the beginning of the thaw and we saw some evidence of that this past month. Don't be fooled though. A few freezes tend to squeak their way through before... (More)
  • Sunny end to the week

    Sunny end to the week

    Updated: 6:06 AM 2/27/2015

    Friday will feature plenty of afternoon blue sky and sun though we're still chilly. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: Friday will be a pleasant end to what's been a wintry week. While temperatures will stay chilly with highs in the 50s, skies will become blue and sunny helping... (More)
  • Watched out

    Watched out

    Updated: 10:13 AM 2/26/2015

    Tornado and severe thunderstorm watches-alert products from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center (SPC) that notify us of the potential for severe weather. Of late, they are "severely" lacking. This is not for dearth of diligence from the SPC, rather a shortage of the weather that necessitates such products.... (More)
  • Drier but still cool

    Drier but still cool

    Updated: 5:58 AM 2/26/2015

    Showers are gone for a while, but chilly air is staying put for the near term. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: While still chilly, today's weather will likely be considered a vast improvement over Wednesday. Times of sun and clouds will come along with afternoon highs in the... (More)
  • Mid-week washout

    Mid-week washout

    Updated: 6:08 AM 2/25/2015

    On whatever rating scale you'd like to use, Wednesday will be one of the least pleasant this winter. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: Today will be a wash. Periods of rain will last into the evening commute and it will fall steadily at times. By day's end, most... (More)
  • Ice threat leaves, cold air stays

    Ice threat leaves, cold air stays

    Updated: 5:59 AM 2/24/2015

    Cold temperatures and periods of rain will dampen the forecast through Wednesday. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: Lingering showers early on Tuesday will continue a dreary spell of weather in South Louisiana and Southwest Mississippi. While showers will diminish, clouds will hold pretty thick and again keep temperatures... (More)
  • Freezing Rain Advisory

    Updated: 12:46 PM 2/23/2015

    The National Weather Service has issued a FREEZING RAIN ADVISORY from 9pm Monday to 9am Tuesday for areas Northwest of Baton Rouge. This includes the Parishes of East Feliciana, Pointe Coupee, and West Feliciana in Louisiana and the Counties of Amite, Pike and Wilkinson in Mississippi. IMPACTS: -Ice... (More)

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