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  • Christmas & beyond

    Christmas & beyond

    Updated: 10:18 AM 12/19/2014

    Last week, the WBRZ Weather Team examined historical, statistical probabilities for a white Christmas. As you probably imagined, even prior to reading, chances for Southeast Louisiana aren't very good. You can review those stats by clicking here . We can now see that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day should... (More)
  • Much (needed) rain

    Much (needed) rain

    Updated: 6:21 AM 12/19/2014

    As long as rain doesn't fall too heavily in a short period of time, a beneficial soaking is expected today. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: Expect periods of rain and thunder throughout your Friday. With a warm front to the south and ongoing rain, thermometers will really struggle... (More)
  • Rain storm on the way

    Rain storm on the way

    Updated: 6:12 AM 12/18/2014

    Much needed rainfall is on the way as we wrap up the work week. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: A developing storm system in South Texas means we will notice increasing cloud cover and perhaps a few showers as we head into the afternoon. High temperatures will be... (More)
  • Sunny, cool, changing

    Sunny, cool, changing

    Updated: 6:20 AM 12/17/2014

    Another quiet day is expected before overnight clouds signal our next storm system. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: Enjoy another day with plenty of blue sky and sunshine. We may begin to gather a few high clouds as the day progresses. Afternoon highs will fall a bit shy... (More)
  • Back to December

    Back to December

    Updated: 6:16 AM 12/16/2014

    The late fall 70s will exit today with a return to more seasonable readings. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: Any early cloud cover lingering in eastern locations will be gone by mid-morning. Though all sunny skies are expected, a shift to northwesterly breezes will mean an afternoon high... (More)
  • Icky mid-December

    Icky mid-December

    Updated: 5:45 AM 12/15/2014

    We're smack in the middle of December and temperatures are reaching the 70's again, with a muggy feel and mostly cloudy skies. There's rain in the forecast too. We're calling for a 50% chance of showers today so you'll need your umbrella, but don't expect a washout. This is... (More)
  • Sun and mild temps to return

    Sun and mild temps to return

    Updated: 6:11 AM 12/12/2014

    Each afternoon through Sunday will feature increased sunshine with high temperatures steadily climbing back to the 70s. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: Your week wraps up with another blue/gray mix in the skies and perhaps even a stray rain drop or two. Temperatures will be a touch warmer... (More)
  • White Christmas?

    White Christmas?

    Updated: 11:21 AM 12/11/2014

    Perhaps you've been dreaming of that new tablet, sugar plums or maybe just a magical bit of sneaux on Christmas Day. While we can't provide you new technology or boiled candies, we certainly can shed a little light on hopes for a white Christmas. If you aren't one... (More)
  • Batch-o-clouds


    Updated: 5:49 AM 12/11/2014

    Some patches of clouds will pass through the region over the next 36 hours followed by a warming trend into the weekend. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: With a stubborn cloud deck lingering today, thermometers will be slow to climb out of the 40s. By afternoon, any returning... (More)
  • Reinforcements


    Updated: 5:55 AM 12/10/2014

    The drier, cooler inland air mass has tapped into another northerly breeze to keep thermometers below average for the rest of the work week. THE FORECAST: Today and Tonight: A noticeably cooler day is ahead. Wednesday high temperatures will likely fail to reach 60° with most locations peaking... (More)

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