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  • Cooler and quieter

    Cooler and quieter

    Updated: 5:57 AM 11/24/2014

    THE FORECAST: Fortunately, the local area dodged severe thunderstorms on Sunday Morning with most action staying in the Gulf or well east. The system certainly was poised to, and did cause a number of tornado warnings, but encountered a more stable air mass over the local area allowing some... (More)
  • Strong storms expected Sunday morning

    Updated: 4:31 PM 11/22/2014

    The WBRZ weather team has you covered concerning the threat for severe weather tonight. 

    Meteorologists Josh Eachus and Robert Gauthreaux detail the severe weather potential for Sunday morning in an eight minute video briefing. You can check out the attached "vlog" and also tune into WBRZ during tonight's broadcasts for the latest information with Meteorologist Robert Gauthreaux.

  • Eyes to the weekend

    Eyes to the weekend

    Updated: 6:01 AM 11/21/2014

    While many prepare for an end to the work week, we must also keep a close watch on an elevated threat for severe weather this weekend. THE FORECAST Today and Tonight: Friday will end up very similar to Thursday. Partly sunny afternoon skies won't inhibit the ongoing warmup... (More)
  • Becoming seasonable

    Becoming seasonable

    Updated: 6:09 AM 11/20/2014

    Dry and mild weather will prevail as forecast focus shifts to a weekend severe weather threat. Forecast Discussion: Slight ridging in the upper -levels will work with a surface high pressure system to our northeast to promote a warming trend into the weekend. Southeasterly winds will return average to... (More)
  • Coming out of it

    Coming out of it

    Updated: 5:29 AM 11/19/2014

    After a freezing start, Wednesday marks the beginning of a moderating trend in temperatures. Forecast Discussion: A surface high pressure system is sliding eastward into Georgia while a deep upper-level trough of colder air and lower pressures retreats to the northeast. This combination will mean a general warming of... (More)
  • Keeping the freezing

    Keeping the freezing

    Updated: 5:47 AM 11/18/2014

    Another below average temperature day and subsequent below freezing night is forthcoming. Forecast Discussion: Some upper-level energy managed to stir up a few high clouds overnight, which held temperatures slightly up from the forecast and out of the middle 20s. Deep 500mb trough (deeper than last week) is trenching... (More)
  • Wardrobe 180

    Wardrobe 180

    Updated: 6:07 AM 11/17/2014

    Hopefully you didn't stash the jacket too far away after a milder Sunday-the chill returns through mid-week. Forecast Discussion: A cold front that brought severe weather to the region on Sunday is pushing away to the east. A strong surface high pressure system has sunk deep into Texas and... (More)
  • Tornado watch in effect for viewing area until 10 p.m.

    Tornado watch in effect for viewing area until 10 p.m.

    Updated: 4:10 PM 11/16/2014

    A **TORNADO WATCH** is in effect until 10 p.m. tonight. This includes the entire viewing area minus our counties in southwest Mississippi. A tornado watch means that weather conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms that are capable of producing tornadoes. Please stay tuned to... (More)
  • Pat Shingleton: Early Winter Tips

    Pat Shingleton: Early Winter Tips

    Updated: 4:00 AM 11/16/2014

    Two consecutive days of frigid weather, including a record low, found the weather team extending preparation suggestions. Ours include protecting plants, warming up the pets and visiting the elderly. Pipe protection can be initiated for future cold snaps. The Weather Channel provided suggestions on 20 mistakes you should avoid during... (More)
  • Categories change, risks remain

    Categories change, risks remain

    Updated: 4:52 PM 11/15/2014

    Effective Wednesday, the National Weather Service (NWS) Storm Prediction Center (SPC) is making some significant changes to their "severe weather outlooks". When severe weather is expected, you may hear local forecasters describing a slight, moderate or high risk of severe weather. Along with an ambiguous and dismissible "see text"... (More)

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