LSU offering merit raises to some employees

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BATON ROUGE -  Interim LSU President Tom Galligan says some of the university's employees will see raises soon.

Galligan said in a statement Monday that each department at the school will get a three-percent merit raise pool. LSU said it will explain the details of the merit raise process later Monday.

Read the full statement below.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As I prepare to return to the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center, I am incredibly happy that one of my last messages to you is to announce that LSU will provide a 3% merit raise pool to each department. Raises were my number one priority during the legislative session and thanks to the support of the Governor, the Legislature, and a host of too many others to name, our goal is now a reality.

The 3% merit raise pool will be available for eligible unclassified faculty and staff, and your leadership teams will receive the details of the merit raise process later today. The effective date of the pay raise will be July 1 for fiscal year and professional hourly employees and August 15 for employees paid on an academic year basis. Classified employees will be given a Market Pay Adjustment effective July 15, in accordance with the Department of State Civil Service guidelines.

My hope is that pay raises will become an annual occurrence because you deserve it. Our fantastic faculty and staff are what make our university great. You produce research, scholarship, and creative work that define LSU’s academic reputation, and you provide our students a wonderful experience through your teaching, hard work, and support.

I speak for the LSU Board of Supervisors and the entire university administration when I say thank you for your continued devotion to LSU and our students. We appreciate you and we wish you the very best as we enter the new fiscal year and continue to plan for our fall semester.