What/where are salt domes

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Posted 11:49 AM 8/4/2012 : Cavern described

BATON ROUGE- A representative for Texas Brine described what's under Bayou Corne as a vase, where brine - a mixture of water and salt- is extracted from salt domes and used in various compounds.

Under Bayou Corne, a cavern was created in a salt dome- nearly a mile under ground.

The... Read More

Posted 8:06 AM 8/4/2012 : State: salt dome, mining operation failure likely cause of sinkhole and bubbles

BATON ROUGE- State experts now think a failed salt dome, or mining operation, in Assumption Parish led to a sinkhole Friday and is also connected to a bubbling phenomenon in Bayou Corne as well as tremors in the area.

"Through consultation with all the scientists involved, DNR has... Read More

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