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Posted 11:49 AM 8/4/2012 : Cavern described

BATON ROUGE- A representative for Texas Brine described what's under Bayou Corne as a vase, where brine - a mixture of water and salt- is extracted from salt domes and used in various compounds.

Under Bayou Corne, a cavern was created in a salt dome- nearly a mile under ground.

The... Read More

Posted 8:25 AM 8/4/2012 : On alert: multiple agencies tracking/watching sinkhole, gasses

BAYOU CORNE- A giant sinkhole that has developed was monitored overnight and into Saturday morning.The Louisiana State Police Air Support Unit kept their eyes on the scene, and are expected to return for more assessments.

The Louisiana State Police Hazmat Unit also continues to... Read More

Posted 8:06 AM 8/4/2012 : State: salt dome, mining operation failure likely cause of sinkhole and bubbles

BATON ROUGE- State experts now think a failed salt dome, or mining operation, in Assumption Parish led to a sinkhole Friday and is also connected to a bubbling phenomenon in Bayou Corne as well as tremors in the area.

"Through consultation with all the scientists involved, DNR has... Read More

Posted 7:57 AM 8/4/2012 : Evacuation shelter opens 8a.m. Saturday after sinkhole forces people out

BAYOU CORNE- Saturday morning, a shelter was set to open for the people who were evacuated from this area of Assumption Parish after a sinkhole developed Friday.

The sinkhole, a bubbling phenomenon, and tremors may be caused by a failure in an inactive salt dome, or salt mining operation... Read More

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