Grace shackled, cries before judge denies bail

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Posted 4:46 PM 3/6/2012 : Grace shackled, cries before judge denies bail

BATON ROUGE - George Grace had just 15 minutes to say goodbye to his family before U.S. Marshals hauled him back to prison.  Judge Maurice Hicks called Grace's words "slippery at best" and said George Grace has "zero credibility" after committing perjury during his trial.  It was one... Read More

Posted 3:57 PM 3/6/2012 : Grace to stay in jail until sentencing

BATON ROUGE - A judge ruled today former St. Gabriel mayor George Grace will stay in jail until his sentencing hearing for a federal racketeering conviction.

The judge made the decision during a detention hearing today.  Prosecutors said Grace was a flight risk because he owned... Read More

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