Costumed criminals commit crimes in BR area

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Posted 9:02 PM 6/14/2012 : Costumed criminals continue across BR area

BATON ROUGE-  Thieves in the Baton Rouge area are continuing a costume trend when committing crimes.

The latest dressed like the "Cat in the Hat."

Others have donned wild, red wigs and pajamas, leaving people scratching their heads.

"I think it takes a special kind of... Read More

Posted 9:00 PM 6/14/2012 : Building crumbling into swamp

MORGAN CITY- A nearly $4 million visitor's center, paid for with some of your money, won't open.  Instead, it's crumbling into the swamp of South Louisiana.

The Cajun Coast Visitor's and Convention Center was built to educate people about the state's culture.  But during... Read More

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