Authorities say escaped teens could be dangerous

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Posted 3:58 PM 7/4/2012 : Search continues for two dangerous juvenile escapees

BATON ROUGE - Authorities still have not located a pair of juveniles who escaped from the Jeston Correctional Center last night, and were described as "unpredictable" and possibly dangerous.

The teens, 15-year-old Demonte Washington and 18-year-old Clarence McWilliams, were unaccounted for... Read More

Posted 2:50 PM 7/4/2012 : Authorities warn escaped teens may be dangerous

BATON ROUGE - Law enforcement continued searching for two teens who were discovered missing from the Jetson Correctional Facility.

The teens, 15-year-old Demonte Washington and 18-year-old Clarence McWilliams, were unaccounted for during a head count at 8:15 p.m. last night.... Read More

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