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  • Seminar for senior citizens struggling behind the wheel Play Video

    February 18, 2015 7:30 AM

    BATON ROUGE - Stories about senior citizens becoming overwhelmed behind the wheel and getting into accidents are becoming more common. An upcoming seminar will focus on the keys to driving safely as you get older . "This seminar is targeting adults with aging parents and adults who are aging... more »
  • Drunk driving suspected in deadly crash

    November 24, 2014 9:04 AM

    HAMMOND - State Police believe a woman was driving drunk when she crashed Sunday night, killing her father. Amber Hoyt, 22, ran off the side of La. 1064, drove down an enbankment and hit her tree. Police say Douglas Hoyt, 45, wasn't wearing his seat belt and died from... more »
  • Teachers say cell phone driving ban working Play Video

    October 31, 2014 4:26 PM

    BATON ROUGE - Parents and teachers say a new law that bans handheld cell phones in some school zones is working to keep kids safe. The new law applies only during school zone hours if a specific sign is posted. Drivers are still allowed to use phones when reporting... more »
  • Schools to decide on driving while talking cell phone ban

    May 21, 2014 6:31 PM

    BATON ROUGE- School districts and its schools will decide whether or not restrictions in specific school zones should include a ban on using handheld cell phones while driving through the area. A watered down version of the law was approved by lawmakers and heads to the governor's desk for... more »
  • Lawmakers to discuss speed traps Monday

    March 23, 2014 4:57 PM

    BATON ROUGE - State lawmakers will consider two bills aimed at speed traps Monday. One of the bills would require local governing authorities to be labeled as speed traps if it makes more than 50 percent of its income or revenue from traffic tickets. The other bill, HB 962,... more »
  • Mom blames husband after driving kids into ocean

    March 10, 2014 3:13 PM

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.- A new police report says the first thing a pregnant South Carolina woman said after driving a minivan carrying her three young children into the ocean surf off Florida was that she was abused by her husband. The report released Monday says a Daytona Beach safety officer... more »
  • Lawmaker: Hang up the phone while driving Play Video

    March 7, 2014 10:18 PM

    BATON ROUGE - There's another attempt to ban cell phones in the upcoming legislative session. Rep. Mike Huval has prefiled a bill that would prohibit the use of cell phones by all "Class E" drivers, or drivers who have a personal vehicle, with the exception of a hands-free device.... more »
  • Hazardous haulers may need to change route Play Video

    March 4, 2014 9:52 PM

    BATON ROUGE - A pre-filed bill says hazardous haulers might need to find a new route through areas where there are large universities. The bill, by Rep. Regina Barrow would prohibit the transport of hazardous materials within a five mile radius of a university. The bill says there are... more »
  • Potholes riddle wet, frozen streets Play Video

    February 6, 2014 5:40 PM

    BATON ROUGE - After weeks of wet, freezing weather, the roads in the Capital City have taken a beating. Frozen rain expands in the small cracks in the asphalt, creating larger fissures that can turn into potholes. The Department of Public Works typically has two crews filling potholes around... more »
  • Road work not delayed much from winter weather

    January 31, 2014 5:45 PM

    PRAIRIEVILLE - Work continues on Highway 73 between I-10 and Airline Highway after a three-day lull caused by the winter storm. Crews said the storm didn't impact the project much, besides the three days they were forced off the road. "The weather just needs to make it's mind... more »
  • Statewide DWI database moving forward Play Video

    January 9, 2014 2:48 PM

    BATON ROUGE - A policy board voted Thursday to move recommendations forward to legislators for a statewide DWI database. The Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (ICJIS) Policy Board added fingerprinting for all drivers arrested or issued summons for DWI, whether electronically or with ink and paper. Also, DNA will... more »
  • Board to discuss statewide DWI database

    January 9, 2014 10:55 AM

    BATON ROUGE - A policy board will meet today to review legislation establishing an impaired driver database. The database would would track an offenders' arrest to conviction. Currently laws are on the books calling for a statewide DWI database, but one does not exist in that fashion. The... more »
  • WATCH: Les Miles sets the record straight about stop light Play Video

    November 6, 2013 10:25 PM

    BATON ROUGE - The coach known for his quirky side is answering questions about his driving wild side. During an All Access interview with ESPN, LSU's head football coach, Les Miles, drove through the Louise and Thomas H. Delpit intersection while the light appeared to be red. The... more »
  • Man on a mission to end distracted driving Play Video

    September 13, 2013 6:13 PM

    BATON ROUGE - One Pennsylvania man on a mission to stop distracted driving made his case to Baton Rouge students today. The founder of "End Distracted Driving," Joel Feldman, spoke to students at University High about the dangers of distractive driving. Feldman's daughter was killed in 2009 after she... more »
  • Arrest made in road rage incident

    August 28, 2013 8:12 AM

    BATON ROUGE - A man from Baton Rouge is under arrest, accused of being aggressive behind the wheel. State Police say 25-year-old Mark D. Rogillio was pulled over by a State Trooper Tuesday evening for driving erratically on Essen Ln. near I-12. While speaking to Rogillio, another driver stopped... more »
  • 22k screened at checkpoints this summer

    August 21, 2013 10:45 PM

    BATON ROUGE- Data released late Wednesday show proof, police are cracking down on people who drive drunk. From July 1 to August 18, there were 17 checkpoints where 22,000 vehicles were screened. In the summer checkpoint season, 203 people have been arrested. Authorities have promised a show-of-force through... more »
  • 22-year-old arrested for fourth-offense DWI

    August 4, 2013 3:45 PM

    BATON ROUGE - A 22-year-old man was arrested Saturday for his fourth DWI offense. Joseph Seymore of Baton Rouge was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on counts of DWI, insurance required, driver's license suspended or revoked and vehicle registration required. more »
  • Social media banned while driving Play Video

    August 1, 2013 5:04 PM

    BATON ROUGE - It's already against the law in Louisiana to text and drive, but new laws are putting the brakes on using social media while driving. Most people News 2 spoke to today admitted that in the past, they've used their phone will driving. "All the time...that's... more »
  • Saints' Morgan trying to make amends for DWI

    July 29, 2013 1:59 PM

    METAIRIE - Saints receiver Joe Morgan says he doing whatever he can, on and off the field, to make up for his drunk driving arrest during the offseason. Morgan remains in contention to become a regular in three-receiver formations alongside veterans Marques Colston and Lance Moore. Morgan says he is... more »
  • Man accused of driving on Xanax, tried to toss pills

    July 29, 2013 1:49 PM

    HAMMOND - Sheriff's deputies arrested a Hammond man after they said he was driving under the influence of the prescription drug Xanax. Deputies arrested James M. Jackson Jr., 52, after they said he was driving erratically Sunday night and tried to toss the pills he was taking after he... more »
  • Driving somewhere? There's a government record of it

    July 17, 2013 12:23 PM

    WASHINGTON - The American Civil Liberties Union says in a new report that local police departments are amassing millions of digital records on the location and movement of Americans using automated license plate scanners. The report, released Wednesday, found that there are tens of thousands of license plate scanners scattered... more »
  • Drunk driver asking for shorter sentence again

    June 19, 2013 10:34 AM

    BATON ROUGE - Attorneys for the Greensburg man who killed seven people in a drunken crash said they're going to ask a judge to reduce his sentence again. Brett Gerald pleaded guilty this past December to seven counts of vehicular homicide in the May 2012 wreck. He initially... more »
  • 10-year-old behind wheel of SUV

    June 12, 2013 5:16 PM

    KENNER - Kenner police say officers responding to a call about a sport utility vehicle being driven recklessly on Interstate 10 found a 10-year-old boy behind the wheel when they pulled the vehicle over later on a city street. Two women in the vehicle were arrested. Police said both allegedly... more »
  • Woman accused of DWI twice in less than 24 hours

    June 3, 2013 10:52 AM

    SLIDELL - Police in Slidell arrested a woman they said was caught driving drunk twice in less than 24 hours this weekend. Slidell Police said two of their officers stopped the same woman, 26-year-old Marjorie Portier of Carriere, Miss., early on Saturday morning and then again early Sunday. ... more »
  • La. drivers can't tweet or post to Facebook

    May 21, 2013 5:12 PM

    BATON ROUGE - Motorists in Louisiana will have to add tweets and Facebook updates to the list of activity banned while driving, in addition to texting. A bill prohibiting posting to social media sites while driving gained final approval with a 34-1 Senate vote on Tuesday. It now heads to... more »
  • House backs ban on drivers using social media

    May 16, 2013 1:09 PM

    BATON ROUGE - A ban on posting to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter while driving appears likely to hit Louisiana's law books. Both the House and Senate have easily approved the idea. The proposal has one more stop before reaching final passage after getting unanimous House backing Thursday.... more »
  • Tougher drunken driving threshold recommended

    May 14, 2013 12:03 PM

    WASHINGTON - Federal accident investigators recommended Tuesday that states cut their threshold for drunken driving by nearly half, matching a standard that has substantially reduced highway deaths in other countries. The National Transportation Safety Board said states should shrink the standard from the current .08 blood alcohol content to .05... more »
  • Drunk driver's sentence reduced to 35 years

    May 14, 2013 10:13 AM

    BATON ROUGE - A judge reduced the sentence today of Brett Gerald, the man who killed seven people in a drunken crash in East Baton Rouge Parish, in order to comply with a Supreme Court ruling. Gerald received a 70-year sentence after pleading guilty back in March. Today Judge... more »
  • Drowsy driving remains an elusive highway dilemma

    May 11, 2013 2:12 PM

    MINEOLA, N.Y. - Many Americans admit they've done it, but safety experts say drowsy driving is a problem motorists are just starting to wake up to. A fatigue expert on the National Transportation Safety Board says drowsy driving can be as bad as drunken driving. Police today can easily determine... more »
  • Bill would ban social media posts while driving

    April 10, 2013 2:19 PM

    BATON ROUGE- Hold that Twitter thought. If you are driving, a proposed state law would make it illegal for you to post status updates or anything else to social media websites. The Senate transportation committee has approved a measure that would add accessing, reading and posting to social media sites,... more »
  • Hearing continued in vehicular homicide case

    April 4, 2013 10:28 AM

    BATON ROUGE - Attorneys continued a hearing today for the man accused of killing a cyclist last year while driving drunk. Police said Joseph Branch had a blood alcohol content nearly four times the legal limit when he struck Nathan Crowson and Daniel Morris on Perkins Rd. back in... more »
  • Lawmaker wants to ban social media while driving

    March 29, 2013 6:01 PM

    BATON ROUGE - Posting to Facebook or Twitter while driving could soon be illegal. Senator Dale Erdey pre filed Senate Bill 147 which would make it illegal to "access, read or post to a social networking site" while driving. The bill keeps the current texting while driving laws... more »
  • Commuters' wasted time in traffic costs $121B

    February 5, 2013 7:05 AM

    AUSTIN, Texas - An annual study of national driving patterns shows that Americans spent 5.5 billion hours sitting in traffic in 2011. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute has released a report that found Americans are adapting to road congestion by allowing, on average, an hour to make a trip that... more »
  • Pittsburgh girl, 6, crashes car in bid to see dad

    February 4, 2013 8:52 AM

    PITTSBURGH- Pittsburgh police say a determined 6-year-old girl didn't hurt anyone when she crashed her mother's car while trying to drive across town to visit her father. Police haven't released the name of the girl whose mother was reportedly still sleeping when the girl took the woman's car keys about... more »
  • Randy Travis to enter drunken driving plea

    January 31, 2013 2:41 AM

    SHERMAN, Texas - Country music star Randy Travis is scheduled to appear in a North Texas court, where prosecutors say he is expected to plead guilty to driving while intoxicated. The hearing in state district court in Sherman would end a drunken driving case that began last summer when Travis... more »
  • Randy Travis to enter drunken-driving plea

    January 28, 2013 2:28 PM

    SHERMAN, Texas - A prosecutor says country music star Randy Travis is expected to enter a guilty plea in a drunken-driving case in North Texas. Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown said Monday that details of the plea agreement will be released following Travis' court appearance Thursday in Sherman. Travis... more »
  • Man surrenders in Lafayette fatal crash

    January 24, 2013 6:44 AM

    LAFAYETTE - Lafayette police say a 23-year-old man suspected of driving drunk and causing a collision that killed a 2-year-old last week has surrendered to authorities. Jamuse Broussard, of Lafayette, has been booked Tuesday with vehicular homicide in the Jan. 16 crash in which Kylan Jackson was severely injured.... more »
  • Cracking down on distracted driving Play Video

    January 16, 2013 5:32 PM

    DENHAM SPRINGS - Distracted driving kills thousands of people a year. Yesterday, it took the life of an 83-year-old Denham Springs woman. She was struck by a driver who ran a stop sign. Louisiana State Police say the driver was distracted by his GPS device. "We would just... more »
  • Potholes popping up in Baton Rouge Play Video

    January 11, 2013 6:21 PM

    BATON ROUGE- Potholes are popping up more and more in East Baton Rouge as heavy rain moves through the city-parish. "Potholes are more like ponds these days," said driver, Laura Moore. They form when rain gets into cracks in the road, causing the ground to expand and pull... more »
  • Gerald pleads guilty to vehicular homicide

    December 10, 2012 9:51 AM

    CLINTON - Brett Gerald pleaded guilty to seven counts of vehicular homicide Monday morning. Gerald's sentence will be determined on March 12. A pre-sentence investigation and report is being conducted. He faces a minimum of five years for each count. No reduction in charges or plea bargain... more »
  • BRPD plan two sobriety checkpoints this week

    December 5, 2012 6:24 PM

    BATON ROUGE - Police said they plan to conduct two sobriety checkpoints in the city limits of Baton Rouge later this week. The first is scheduled for Thursday night, and the second this Saturday night. The specific time and locations will not be announced in advance. This... more »
  • Sentence wraps up for Ohio woman with 'idiot' sign

    November 14, 2012 8:07 AM

    CLEVELAND - A woman sentenced to stand at the curb with an embarrassing sign for driving on the sidewalk past a stopped school bus has served out the second half of her two-hour punishment. The sentencing judge, unhappy that Shena Hardin was smoking and texting during Tuesday's hour, had... more »
  • Web site targets distracted driving

    October 11, 2012 10:05 PM

    WASHINGTON, D.C.- Federal leaders have set-up a website devoted to distracted driving. It's meant to curtail dangerous habits. features information on the forms of distracted driving. Habits that aren't illegal, alone, but in an accident could be serious. A man in Livingston Parish faces charges after a... more »
  • Residents want safer streets after hit-and-run death Play Video

    October 1, 2012 5:53 PM

    GARDERE - State Police arrested a man from Baton Rouge they said left a cyclist lying in the road after he hit her with his vehicle, then fled the scene. Investigators arrested Darby Griffin, 49, in suspicion of DWI, hit and run, driving with a suspended license, obstruction of... more »
  • Denham Springs PD plan sobriety checkpoint

    September 26, 2012 4:22 PM

    DENHAM SPRINGS - Police in Denham Springs announced plans to hold a sobriety checkpoint. The DUI checkpoint will be an undisclosed location in the city this evening beginning at 7 p.m. The city announced the checkpoint via their Nixle community site . more »
  • Atlanta running back celebrates a bit too much

    September 18, 2012 10:50 AM

    ATLANTA - Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner was jailed on charges of drunken driving and speeding early this morning, just hours after he scored a touchdown in the team's win over the Denver Broncos. Turner was booked into the Gwinnett County jail in metro Atlanta just after 5... more »
  • Attorneys ask for "black box" from Gerald's truck

    September 11, 2012 10:34 AM

    BATON ROUGE - The man accused of killing seven people in a drunk-driving crash appeared in court today. Brett Gerald's attorneys asked that information from a "black box" recorder in Gerald's truck be turned over to them. State Police investigators testified that no reliable data was able to be... more »
  • Springfield leaders plead "not guilty" to charges

    August 1, 2012 3:50 PM

    LIVINGSTON - The mayor and police chief of Springfield pleaded not guilty today in Livingston Parish to charges they conspired to lessen charges against a woman initially arrested for driving drunk. Mayor Charles Martin and Police Chief James Jones entered the plea at their arraignment today on charges of... more »
  • Local councilman arrested for DWI

    July 23, 2012 10:07 AM

    DENHAM SPRINGS- Authorities arrested Denham Springs City Councilman Christopher Davis Sunday morning in suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Investigators said Davis was in an accident near La. 16 and Amite Church Road and drove away from the scene. Davis was booked into Livingston Parish Jail on one count... more »
  • N.O. mayor's son arrested on DWI charge

    July 17, 2012 11:02 AM

    NEW ORLEANS - A teenage son of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has been arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. A spokeswoman for the New Orleans Police Department says 19-year-old Benjamin Landrieu was arrested early Tuesday. He was booked into the city's jail on charges that also include reckless... more »
  • 15-year-old dies, one critical in Slaughter crash that killed 5 others

    June 1, 2012 10:37 AM

    BATON ROUGE - A 15-year-old died Friday night after sustaining injuries in a crash in Slaughter that left five others dead. His 13-year-old brother remains in critical condition, according to the victims family. State Police said the man accused causing the crash in East Feliciana Parish had a blood... more »
  • Committee approves cell phone driving ban Play Video

    April 24, 2012 5:41 PM

    BATON ROUGE- A bill making cell phone use illegal while driving has advanced at the State Capitol. The only exception in the bill by Representative Austin Badon, D- New Orleans, is with the use of a hands-free device. Badon has offered and supported several bills over the years... more »
  • NOPD suspends officer accused of driving drunk

    April 6, 2012 6:47 AM

    NEW ORLEANS - New Orleans police say they have suspended an officer accused of driving drunk in an unmarked city vehicle while off duty. Police spokesman Remi Braden says Causeway Police pulled over 33-year-old Ryan Aucoin shortly after 3 a.m. Thursday on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, the 24-mile-long bridge that... more »
  • Police plan sobriety checkpoint somewhere in BR tonight

    April 5, 2012 11:39 AM

    BATON ROUGE - The Baton Rouge Police Department announced today that officers plan to conduct a sobriety checkpoint tonight, weather permitting. Officers plan to set up the checkpoint somewhere within the city limits of Baton Rouge. The specific time and the locations of the sobriety checkpoints are never... more »
  • Sobriety checkpoint

    February 29, 2012 3:43 PM

    BATON ROUGE - Baton Rouge Police will conduct a sobriety checkpoint tonight within the city limits. Police have not disclosed the location, nor the time of the checkpoint. Sobriety checkpoints are ongoing by Baton Rouge Police in order to curtail drug driving. more »
  • 200 people arrested for impaired driving during Mardi Gras

    February 22, 2012 11:31 AM

    BATON ROUGE- Nearly 200 people were arrested over the Mardi Gras holiday by troopers for impaired driving. The arrests happened during DWI patrols and checkpoints across the state. Troopers from Louisiana State Police Troop L will conduct a DWI Checkpoint in Tangipahoa Parish on Thursday, Feb. 23 around... more »
  • Simulator to help firefighters' driving skills

    February 13, 2012 8:05 AM

    BATON ROUGE - The St. George Fire Protection District will soon have a new simulator to train its firefighters on how to drive fire trucks in emergency situations. The district, which includes south East Baton Rouge Parish, will purchase a driver's training simulator that can replicate the instrumentation, controls and... more »
  • Officers targeting texting drivers in Louisiana

    November 9, 2011 5:36 PM

    BATON ROUGE - Police are targeting texting drivers on the roadways this holiday season. Louisiana State Police said there's been a significant increase in crashes involving distracted drivers, and texting may be one reason why. Sgt. Russell Graham said just looking down at your phone could even get... more »
  • LA law supports families eliminating driving abilities of Alzheimier's patients

    August 12, 2011 10:26 PM

    BATON ROUGE- The law is on your side in taking a driver's license from someone too incapacitated to drive. It's one way families of Alzheimer's patients can keep loved ones safe. News 2 looked into the rules of the road after an 88-year-old man vanished from Livingston Parish. ... more »
  • Father arrested after troopers catch 8-year-old driving on I-12

    July 30, 2011 3:22 PM

    LIVINGSTON- Louisiana State Police arrested a man after receiving a call from a concerned driver who reported seeing a young boy driving erratically on the interstate. According to State Police, troopers pulled over the 8-year-old on I-12 just west of Livingston Parish and found his father, 28-year-old Billy Joe... more »
  • LSP: Drunk driver injures trooper in I-10 crash

    May 10, 2011 6:39 PM

    BATON ROUGE - A state trooper was hurt when a drunk driver crashed into his vehicle on the interstate in West Baton Rouge Parish, according to Louisiana State Police. Trooper Russell Graham said 48-year-old Joseph Harris of Rosedale was arrested Monday night after crashing into an LSP unit driven... more »
  • Legislature to consider cell phone limits for drivers

    April 21, 2011 5:18 PM

    BATON ROUGE- Cell phone use while driving would be banned under a bill proposed in the Legislature unless the driver is using a hands-free device. The bill by State Rep. Austin Badon would make phone use a secondary offense, meaning police could not pull you over for it, but... more »
  • Drivers start to cut back on gas as prices rise

    April 11, 2011 12:42 PM

    NEW YORK - With the price of gas above $3.50 a gallon in nearly the entire country, there are signs that Americans are cutting back on driving. It marks a turnaround from a steady increase in demand for fuel as the economy improved. According to MasterCard SpendingPulse,... more »
  • New laws target teens

    January 2, 2011 5:56 PM

    BATON ROUGE- With every new year comes new laws and this year is no exception. One of the most significant of the new laws targets teens looking to get their driver's license. Before this year, teen drivers needed only 8 hours of supervised driving time before getting their license, now... more »
  • 18 arrested at DWI checkpoint in Baton Rouge

    December 17, 2010 12:33 PM

    BATON ROUGE – 18 people were arrested and more than a hundred vehicles screened at a sobriety checkpoint overnight in Baton Rouge, part of their efforts to make the city’s streets safer during the holidays. Cpl. L’Jean McKneely said officers screened 109 vehicles at the checkpoint in the 100 block... more »
  • 22-year-old dies in Livingston Parish car crash

    December 9, 2010 10:54 AM

    DENHAM SPRINGS- A 22 year old man from Denham Springs died in a single-vehicle accident in Livingston Parish last night. Troopers believe speed and alcohol are factors. Seth Hunter was driving southbound on Highway 16 when he over corrected his pickup, after running off the roadway. Hunter's vehicle... more »
  • LSP: Fewer people killed on La. highways during holiday

    November 29, 2010 2:52 PM

    BATON ROUGE – People choosing not to use seat belts or driving while impaired were common factors in six fatal crashes across the state during the holiday weekend, according to State Police. That number is down from last Thanksgiving, when State Police worked eight fatal crashes the resulted in 16... more »
  • Attorneys compromise over Gosserand blood sample

    November 29, 2010 12:12 PM

    NEW ROADS - Attorneys in the Victoria Gosserand vehicular homicide case have reached a compromise over the accused's blood sample. Prosecutors say that sample shows Gosserand's blood was nearly four times the legal limit the night she crashed her vehicle into another car, killing 23-year-old Terri Parker and badly... more »
  • Gosserand attorney wants blood sample split

    November 10, 2010 2:00 PM

    POINTE COUPEE PARISH - An emotional Victoria Gosserand was in court for a motions hearing today, along with more than a dozen family members of the woman she's accused of killing in a drunken crash last December. Gosserand's attorney filed a motion asking that a blood sample taken from... more »
  • Quebedeaux changes plea; says he's guilty as charged

    November 8, 2010 5:48 PM

    BATON ROUGE - A man who originally pleaded not guilty to hitting and killing three people in a 2009 drunken driving accident has changed his mind. Derek Quebedeaux pleaded guilty Monday morning to all charges against him and said he takes responsibility for the crash. During the 20-minute hearing, Quebedeaux... more »
  • Oil hits year high, retail gas prices on the rise

    November 8, 2010 3:50 PM

    NEW YORK - Oil prices have reached a new high for the year and pump prices could be soon to follow as Americans map out their plans for Thanksgiving. Demand isn't driving the increase like it did in the spring when gasoline rose to $2.92 per gallon just ahead of... more »
  • Deputies say drunk driver also left child home alone

    October 25, 2010 2:27 PM

    A Ponchatoula resident arrested in suspicion of driving drunk told deputies he had also left his nine-year-old child home alone, according to authorities. 52-year-old Charles Baughman was arrested by Tangipahoa Sheriff’s deputies on Sunday. Investigators said he was driving recklessly on highway 442, and that he smelled strongly of alcohol.... more »
  • Plea agreement could be reached in drunk driving case

    September 22, 2010 5:51 PM

    A plea agreement could be reached surrounding a drunk driving case in Hammond. Derek Quebedeaux is accused of plowing into a group of people last year. Three people died, and two more were severely injured. He didn't have anything to say as he walked into court Wednesday. Attorneys... more »
  • Intoxicated man crashes truck into house, injures child

    September 8, 2010 3:22 PM

    A man has been arrested after driving his truck into a house and injuring a child. Police said 21-year-old Jake L. Graham, Denham Springs, drove his pickup into an 8-year-old girl’s bedroom around 1:00 a.m. today. Authorities determined Graham had been speeding and intoxicated. Graham told police the crash... more »
  • 'No Refusal' campaign guarantees evidence in DWI cases

    September 3, 2010 10:21 PM

    Authorities warn not to even try getting out of taking a breath test if police stop you for drunk driving this holiday weekend. The "No Refusal" campaign gives authorities an old tool to use against you in a new way. If you're arrested for impaired driving, your first stop is... more »
  • Gosserand pleads not guilty in deadly Christmas Eve crash

    August 26, 2010 10:47 AM

    An emotional Victoria Gosserand entered a plea of "not guilty" today in Point Coupee Parish for charges she killed one woman and injured another in a drunken car crash just days before Christmas. 24-year-old Gosserand is accused of vehicular homicide in the death of 23-year-old Terri Parker, and first-degree... more »
  • Teens test 'texting and driving' simulator

    June 23, 2010 5:49 PM

    A group of teenagers from across Louisiana got behind the wheel of a texting and driving simulator to test their skills today in Dodson Auditorium at Louisiana State University. The simulation taught the teens the dangers of sending messages while on the road. For Austin Berthelot, the virtual drive... more »
  • Texting while driving ban toughened

    June 19, 2010 8:52 AM

    Louisiana's ban on text messaging while driving gets tougher in August. Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed into law a bill that makes texting while driving a primary offense, meaning that police officers can stop a driver for that traffic violation without needing another reason. Minors 17 and under can... more »
  • Deadly crash in Baton Rouge

    June 8, 2010 7:02 AM

    Baton Rouge police say a 46-year-old man died in a car crash. Police say the man either suffered a stroke or heart attack while driving on North Beck. He was taken to a local hospital where he died. The victim's name has not been released. more »
  • Texting while driving bill heads to Governor's desk

    June 3, 2010 5:47 AM

    A bill that makes texting while driving a primary offense is headed to Gov. Bobby Jindal's desk after passing both the Senate and House chambers. The measure would allow police to stop anyone they see texting at the wheel. more »
  • Police issue nearly 100 speeding tickets

    May 27, 2010 9:11 AM

    State troopers and Shreveport police officers wrote more than 100 tickets during a speeding crackdown on Interstate 49. The agencies stepped up patrols on I-49 near Interstate 20 after Shreveport officers reported dangerous driving. State troopers wrote 32 tickets to drivers going at least 15 mph over the speed limit... more »
  • Legislative update: Mike Steele

    May 19, 2010 12:47 PM

    From Mike Steele... A House transportation committee has just approved a senate bill that will make texting while driving a primary offense. more »
  • Part of S. Harrell's Ferry Rd. to close for 90 days

    May 17, 2010 10:26 AM

    South Harrell's Ferry Rd. between Jones Creek Rd. and O'Neal Ln. will close for 90 days beginning Monday, May 24, at midnight. The work is part of a Green Light Plan project to widen the roadway. Crews will put in new box culverts and work on utility upgrades. The... more »
  • Montana man pleads no contest to 11th DUI

    April 2, 2010 1:27 PM

    A 49-year-old Montana man who apparently was intoxicated when he came to court for his trial on a felony drunken driving charge has pleaded no contest to his 11th DUI. Thaylin Shawn Pierce, of Billings, entered the plea Thursday. He's free on bond until his sentencing June 22.... more »
  • Minden councilman dies

    April 2, 2010 6:05 AM

    A Minden city councilman has died after suffering a medical problem while driving home and crashing his vehicle into a building Thursday morning. Police Chief T.C. Bloxom says Rodney Seamster, who was nearing completion of his first term on the City Council, ran off the street and through a fence... more »
  • Parental text controls

    March 24, 2010 6:12 PM

    Update: Parents now have an easy and fast way to keep their kids from texting and driving. A representative from Verizon Wireless, one of the large carries selling Android phones, tells News 2 the service is available right now and can be activated or shut off at their discretion.... more »

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