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Pat ShingletonPat has been in broadcasting for 36 years. Since his 1981 return to Baton Rouge as WBRZ’s Chief Forecaster, Pat has accepted many responsibilities. He is the President of Pat Shingleton Productions and has produced, distributed, and syndicated various shows, such as We Play Baton Rouge, The Fifth Quarter, and Hotline After Dark. Since 1992 he has tracked Santa Claus’ location on Christmas Eve with other weathercasters from around the country in his syndicated project, “Santa Tracks.”

In conjunction with his position as a weathercaster for WBRZ, Pat is involved in many community activities. He is a chairperson for several programs, including “Pat’s Coats for Kids.” He developed the concept for the St. Vincent De Paul Society’s “Community Pharmacy,” creating “Fill a Prescription for the Needy.” He originated The St. Patrick’s Day Parade, “The Wearin’ of the Green,” in 1986, and he continues to be the St. Patrick’s Day Parade coordinator.

Pat attended Gannon University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Point Park College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is married to Mabyn Kean Shingleton and has two children, Michael and Katie.

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  • Pat Shingleton: "Ear Cooling..."

    July 28, 2014

    We recently noted how turkey vultures avoid overheating. The black-tailed jackrabbit also has a built-in cooling apparatus. Due to its oversize ears, these trademark appendages increase the hare's audio range to avoid predators. Due to the abundance of blood vessels, its 7-inch ears are also a cooling mechanism that dissipate... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: Thanks a lot Doug

    July 27, 2014

    As noted in Sunday's column, heat waves initiated cool-downs. Years ago, the inflatable pool was "shot-up" by Doug Kelly's B.B. gun. Mom instructed us to fill the wash tub with cold water and stick my brother Kevin in there for a few days. He enjoyed it even though his lips... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "The Washtub, more than washing..."

    July 26, 2014

    The Heat Index could register above the 100 degree mark this weekend. Keep the A.C. humming, the ceiling fans rotating and stay hydrated. As noted in a previous column, my mother instructed me to "fill the washtub" so that my brother Kevin would get a "cool-down" during episodes of blistering... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "A Melt Down..."

    July 25, 2014

    The Daily Telegraph reports that the bodies of more than 80 soldiers from World War I have been recovered from melting glaciers. Experts from the Archaeological Heritage Office in Trento, Italy report that the mummified bodies of the soldiers were discovered near the small northern town of Peio. Glaciers began... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "Only YOU Can Prevent..."

    July 24, 2014

    It's been a tough season for wildfires in the West and Pacific Northwest. The Carlton Complex Fire in Seattle is still burning. Lighting sometimes causes these fires. In 1945 Albert Staehle drew a uniformed bear with a name inspired by New York City fireman, "Smokey Joe" Martin, becoming Smokey Bear.... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "Dog Tired"

    July 23, 2014

    Canis Major or Sirius was designated the "Dog Star" by ancient astronomers. As noted in a previous column, Romans believed that Sirius rose at sunrise, convinced this star was the cause of hot, sultry weather. To appease the rage of Sirius and believing that the star created the weather pattern,... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "Father Hurricane"

    July 22, 2014

    On this date in 1893, Father Benito Vines died in Havanna, Cuba. Father Vines is regarded as the preeminent hurricane scholar of the 19th century. As director of the observatory at Belen College in Havana in 1870, he catalogued meticulous weather observations and conditions, especially during tropical disturbances. His observations... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "The Cone Did It!"

    July 21, 2014

    This month, you may have been thinking of Abe Doumar, Albert Kabbaz, Arnold Fornachou or David Avayou. All claim the invention of the ice cream cone. July is Ice Cream Month and the Library of Congress identifies Charles E. Menches as the inventor. He and his brother Frank also claim... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: This is a Stick-Up!

    July 20, 2014

    When Frank Epperson was 11, he took a wooden stir stick, placed it in soda pop and placed it outside one wintry New York evening. As noted in a previous column, Frank enjoyed the frozen treat the next day. In 1923, Frank used a Birch tongue depressor to hold the... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "Carrier did it"

    July 19, 2014

    During our summer afternoon's the convective showers and thundershowers can drop the temperature from 92 degrees to 77 in 20 minutes. Air conditioning crews stay busy preparing and repairing the "A.C." units making sure they are "humming along." As mentioned in previous column, last Friday marked the 111th anniversary of... more »

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