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Pat ShingletonPat has been in broadcasting for 36 years. Since his 1981 return to Baton Rouge as WBRZ’s Chief Forecaster, Pat has accepted many responsibilities. He is the President of Pat Shingleton Productions and has produced, distributed, and syndicated various shows, such as We Play Baton Rouge, The Fifth Quarter, and Hotline After Dark. Since 1992 he has tracked Santa Claus’ location on Christmas Eve with other weathercasters from around the country in his syndicated project, “Santa Tracks.”

In conjunction with his position as a weathercaster for WBRZ, Pat is involved in many community activities. He is a chairperson for several programs, including “Pat’s Coats for Kids.” He developed the concept for the St. Vincent De Paul Society’s “Community Pharmacy,” creating “Fill a Prescription for the Needy.” He originated The St. Patrick’s Day Parade, “The Wearin’ of the Green,” in 1986, and he continues to be the St. Patrick’s Day Parade coordinator.

Pat attended Gannon University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Point Park College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is married to Mabyn Kean Shingleton and has two children, Michael and Katie.

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  • Pat Shingleton:"Charting the History of...The Charter Oak."

    August 20, 2014

    Furthering Tuesday's column when Dutch explorer Adrian Block described an unusually large white oak growing in a clearing on what is now Hartford, Connecticut. In the 1930s, a delegation of Native Americans approached the property's owner where the tree was located. Intending to remove the tree, Samuel Wyllys preserved it... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "Flooding and a Famous Tree..."

    August 19, 2014

    The Hurricane Center in Miami could be identifying a tropical depression today or tomorrow. Many of our readers will remember this date. On August 20, 1969, clean-up from Hurricane Camille was underway. The storm caused flooding and mudslides in the James and York River basins in Virginia. Rainfall totals were... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "Hold It Down..."

    August 18, 2014

    The village of Green Bank is nestled in the Allegheny Mountain Range and may be one of the quietest places on Earth. It's the home of the Green Bank Telescope, operating under the auspices of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. In 1958, the Federal Communications Commission created a 13,000-square-mile quiet... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: Following the Light

    August 17, 2014

    Louisiana boasts 14 lighthouses, the oldest dating back to 1839. In August, 1789, the First Congress federalized existing lighthouses. Built by the colonists, funds were appropriated for lighthouses, beacons and buoys. As noted in a previous column, the lighthouse safely directed ships through episodes of fog and storms. Sound was... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: Blowing Out the Candle, At the Stick

    August 16, 2014

    The Beatles appeared there for the last time in 1966. A 6.9 earthquake happened there in 1989. It was the quietest when Pope John Paul II was there in 1987. Last Thursday, Paul McCartney performed for the final time. Candlestick Park, constructed in the late ‘50s, will become a shopping... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "Geronimo!"

    August 15, 2014

    In May of 2012, Gary Connery donned a wing suit and performed a 3,000 foot base jump onto 24,000 cardboard boxes in Henley Upon Thames for a world record. On July 25, 2012, Felix Baumgartner freefell for four minutes at 536 mph, opening his chute for the worlds highest skydive.... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "Cool Me Down With Baby Powder"

    August 14, 2014

    Baby powder isn't just for the baby, especially at this time of the year. I shared this with our Sports Director, Mike Cauble, noting that many athletes use it before they suit up to reduce sweat and discomfort. I also told him I use the lavender, Johnson's baby powder. He... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "Mid August Headliners..."

    August 13, 2014

    On August 14, 2004, the daytime high was 82, ten degrees under the average. An overnight low of 58 on August 15th, set a record. It was also the coolest ever from August 13th through August 18th. Our summer season has enjoyed three cool fronts: July 4th weekend, July 15th-16th,... more »
  • Pat Shingleton: "The Storm, My Daughter..."

    August 12, 2014

    The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Atlantic are quiet but on this date in 1766, a powerful hurricane leveled the tiny village of Trois-Islets on the island of Martinique. As noted, Joseph-Gaspard Tascher was one of the island's wealthy planters and suffered total financial ruin from the devastating storm. In... more »
  • Pat Shingleton; "Getting Stoned..."

    August 11, 2014

    Weather oddities on this date include to men resting near a stream in the Tatra mountains, bordering Slovakia and Poland in 1927. Stones began falling from the sky, splashing the water and hitting their heads. Attempting to seek shelter in a nearby inn, they were "tossed out" as the inn... more »

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