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  • Outdoors Report: Flounder

    Updated: 6:56 AM 11/14/2014

    BATON ROUGE - In this Outdoors Report, News 2's John Jackson hits the Big Lake in Lake Charles and explains how flounder stack-up in cuts of water twice a year. The fall flounder migration results in some delicious dinner delicacies, whether is bakes, stuffed, grilled or fly. Flounder... (More)
  • Outdoors Report: Fall WX Update

    Updated: 11:30 PM 10/23/2014

    Unfortunately, down venice way the usual fall pick a cut in the river scenario for trout and reds has been tough due to a rise back in the first of the month...however with the recent lapse in precip things have started to turn around and trout are showing up in... (More)
  • Outdoors Report: October Fishing

    Updated: 11:22 PM 10/9/2014

    John Jackson says it's always a cool time to fish in October. Honestly, it's the best time.

    Plus, why the early bird may get the deer if you're ready to hunt in the early part of the season.

  • Outdoors Report: Bow Season Starts for Deer

    Updated: 7:08 AM 10/3/2014

    John Jackson tells us in this Outdoors Report why getting an jump on bow season is the best bet for bagging a Louisiana deer.

  • Outdoors Report: Tripletail

    Updated: 9:08 AM 9/26/2014

    John Jackson reminds Gulf anglers not to just speed by those crab trap corks.

    Sometimes there's a hidden treasure lurking underneath in the form of a tripletail.

    Watch the attached video clip for more.


  • Outdoors Report: Lemonfish

    Updated: 11:08 PM 9/18/2014

    John Jackson says now is the time to hit the water if you want to catch the migration of cobia.

  • Outdoors Report: Gator Hunt

    Updated: 3:37 PM 9/12/2014

    John Jackson heads back out in the marsh for some gator hunting tips.

  • Outdoors Report: Horse Cutting

    Updated: 7:47 AM 9/5/2014

    John Jackson takes us to the stables for this equestrian extravaganza.

    Horse cutting may have started as a cowboy necessity, but competitors today are pushing their horses to the limits for fun and excitement now.


  • Outdoors Report: Gator Hunt

    Updated: 8:07 AM 8/22/2014

    BATON ROUGE - Alligator meat sure is tasty, but it could come at a price!

    If you're not careful, hunting gator can be a risky proposition.

    John Jackson shows you how to catch the gator and stay away from the game warden.

  • Outdoors Report: Hunting with Silencers

    Updated: 6:07 AM 8/15/2014

    Louisiana lawmakers made it easier for hunters to get off multiple shots without being noticed.

    Suppressors or silencers are now legal for hunting and in this Outdoors Report John Jackson shows you why they can be so helpful.