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  • Outdoors Report: Cliff Crochet Bass Fishing

    Updated: 6:51 AM 7/11/2014

    In this week's Outdoors Report, John Jackson hits the freshwater with BASS pro angler Cliff Crochet.

  • Outdoors Report: July 4th on the Water

    Updated: 1:31 AM 7/4/2014

    John Jackson has the three things you need to know before heading out to the coast for the long holiday weekend.

    Watch the attached video clip for all the information.


  • Outdoors Report: Photography Tips

    Updated: 6:55 AM 6/27/2014

    John Jackson has some simple photography tips that will help make your outdoors trips even more memorable.

    Watch the video clip for more.


  • Outdoors Report: Bowfishing Reds

    Updated: 8:59 AM 5/23/2014

    Outdoors Report heads to Buras for some fan boat fishing at night. John Jackson goes bowfishing for redfish in the marsh.

  • Red snapper anglers' season cut from 11 to 9 days

    Updated: 11:10 PM 5/15/2014

    NEW ORLEANS - Federal fisheries officials have cut this year's recreational red snapper season in the Gulf of Mexico from 11 days to nine days, starting June 1. NOAA Fisheries spokeswoman Kim Amendola says the change was needed because Louisiana opened state waters year-round after the Gulf of Mexico Fishery... (More)
  • Outdoors Report: Shooting Hogs Improving

    Updated: 6:07 AM 5/9/2014

    John Jackson shows us how the battle against feral hogs is swaying in favor of the humans.

    Improvements in gun technology are making it easier to take more than one hog when the chance presents itself.

    Check out the video for more information.



  • Gray triggerfish season closes; red grouper limits

    Gray triggerfish season closes; red grouper limits

    Updated: 8:37 PM 4/30/2014

    BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says recreational fishing for gray triggerfish will close in Louisiana waters at 12:01 a.m. Thursday and will remain closed until Jan. 1. The state is matching a closure in federal waters. NOAA Fisheries biologists said Wednesday the annual recreational catch... (More)
  • Outdoors Report: Brim Fishing

    Updated: 4:15 AM 4/25/2014

    John Jackson shows us the easy how to for pond fishing for bluegill brim in this Outdoors Report.

    Watch the attached video clip for more information.

  • Outdoors Report: Springtime Bass Fishing

    Updated: 6:48 AM 4/11/2014

    John Jackson explains in this Outdoors Report how a longer winter has pushed back bass fishing cycles in South Louisiana.

    Anglers will have to adjust their techniques to compensate.

    Watch the attached video clip for more information.


  • Outdoors Report: Deep Rig Fishing

    Updated: 6:33 AM 4/4/2014

    John Jackson goes deep rig fishing for grouper and tells you why it's his favorite offshore adventure.

    Watch the attached video clip for John's report.