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  • Outdoors Report: Springtime Bass Fishing

    Updated: 6:48 AM 4/11/2014

    John Jackson explains in this Outdoors Report how a longer winter has pushed back bass fishing cycles in South Louisiana.

    Anglers will have to adjust their techniques to compensate.

    Watch the attached video clip for more information.


  • Outdoors Report: Deep Rig Fishing

    Updated: 6:33 AM 4/4/2014

    John Jackson goes deep rig fishing for grouper and tells you why it's his favorite offshore adventure.

    Watch the attached video clip for John's report.

  • Outdoors Report: Kayaking

    Outdoors Report: Kayaking

    Updated: 6:13 AM 3/28/2014

    Kayak fishing allows anglers to get to smaller bodies of water that they may have previously thought impossible.

    In this Outdoors Report segment, John Jackson shows you how thinking back to a simpler time of fishing may not hold true with today's technology.


  • Outdoors Report: Big Lake, Big Chill

    Updated: 5:30 AM 3/14/2014

    John Jackson braved the cold temps to get out on the water in Big Lake.

    In this Outdoors Report he gives viewers a bait tip in similar situations.


  • Outdoors Report: Trolling the Causeway

    Updated: 6:23 AM 3/7/2014

    This Outdoors Report focuses on fishing slow along the Causeway in Lake Ponchartrain using a drift sock.

    Watch as John Jackson tells you the tips to land the trout you're looking for.

  • Outdoors Report: Fly Fishing

    Updated: 11:19 PM 2/6/2014

    John Jackson takes us to the Outdoors for a lesson on how fly fishing is making progress in South Louisiana.

    Watch the video clip for more.


  • Outdoors Report: Crawfish in Crowley

    Updated: 11:12 PM 1/23/2014

    John Jackson takes us to the crawfish ponds of Crowley to look at how the 2014 season is shaping up nicely.

    Watch the video link for the full story.

  • Commission sets king mackerel season

    Commission sets king mackerel season

    Updated: 1:51 PM 1/10/2014

    BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission has set the 2014 commercial king mackerel season that starts July 1. Officials said Thursday that once the season opens, it will remain open until the quota of approximately 1.18 million pounds is met or projected to be met. King mackerel... (More)
  • Outdoors Report: Cold Weather Fishing

    Updated: 11:18 PM 1/9/2014

    John Jackson walks us through the advantages and drawbacks of fishing in colder temperatures.

  • Outdoors Report: Sac-au-lait Fishing

    Updated: 1:18 AM 12/27/2013

    This weeks Outdoors Report features fishing for some of the cleanest meat in the freshwaters of Louisiana.

    John Jackson takes us out for some crappie or white perch or sac-au-lait depending on who raised you.