Women's shelter speaks out after murder-suicide

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Posted: Jan 16, 2014 2:59 PM by Troy Gaulden
Updated: Jan 16, 2014 7:05 PM
Source: WBRZ

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DENHAM SPRINGS - After sheriff's deputies said a man killed his wife and then himself Wednesday night in Livingston Parish, a battered women's shelter is speaking out against domestic violence.

Darren Blevins, chairman of Women Outreaching Women, says one in every three women worldwide is a victim of domestic violence. He says there are signs to look for concerning domestic violence.

"The abuser usually tries to keep the victim isolated so they don't have a chance to tell anyone what's going on," he said. "If they do have family or friends over they never leave their side so they can't say anything. They usually have no access to cash money so they can actually get away or financially get away."

Other signs include repeated injuries or injuries that don't appear to be accidental, a woman referring to her partner's "anger" or "temper," or a woman's reluctance to call the police about being abused.

Blevins says you can call the Women Outreaching Women's 24-hour crisis hotline for help at (225) 665-9100.

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