Widow lives with corpse of husband, twin

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Posted: Jul 6, 2010 12:40 PM
Source: Associated Press

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A prosecutor in northern Pennsylvania says a 91-year-old woman who stored the corpses of her husband and twin sister on her property will be allowed to keep them if she installs a crypt.

Bradford County District Attorney Daniel Barrett said Tuesday that Jean Stevens plans to build a crypt on her property outside Wyalusing.

Stevens says she kept the embalmed bodies of her husband and twin because she wanted to be able to see them and talk to them.

She also says she's claustrophobic and couldn't stand the thought of her loved ones in a casket in the ground.

The bodies were discovered in mid-June. Authorities haven't yet released the identities of those who retrieved them.

Barrett said Tuesday that a decision on charges could be made as early as Friday.

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