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Posted: Aug 1, 2014 5:46 AM by Meteorologist Robert Gauthreaux III

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Today and the Weekend

An upper level low is approaching west Louisiana, and that is pulling in warm moist air back into Louisiana as a warm front, and this will help fuel our rain chances through the weekend as it stalls and breaks down over the state. We are looking at mostly cloudy skies, with some sun peeking through at times. There is still a little extra dry air over Louisiana so it may be a little tougher for convection to sustain itself relative to our western neighbors, but we are still calling for about 40% coverage as we do expect some showers and thunderstorms today. We aren't looking at any severe weather this weekend, but some isolated heavy rainfall is possible.


Bertha has formed. Winds are currently sustained at 45mph and it is currently forecasted to potentially influence Hispaniola, then recurve off the east coast of the United States. It's moving WNW fairly rapidly around 17mph. We aren't too worried about it yet in Louisiana, but we will continue to monitor it. The storm is ingesting some dry air, which is not a healthy situation for the storm. There is also some decent wind shear in its way, which is also not conducive for tropical systems. Looking at these, we aren't expecting the storm to strengthen dramatically but some strengthening is possible, especially if some of this wind shear subsides.

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