Trooper ducked for cover during Katrina shootings

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Posted: Jul 5, 2011 5:25 PM
Source: Associated Press

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NEW ORLEANS - A Louisiana State Police trooper who witnessed part of a deadly encounter between police and residents on a New Orleans bridge after Hurricane Katrina recalls ducking for cover because he thought he and other officers were under fire.

But the trooper, Michael Baron, testified Tuesday at a trial for five current or former New Orleans police officers that he never perceived a need to use deadly force on the Danziger Bridge because he didn't see anybody pose a threat.

After ducking for cover at the top of the bridge, Baron drove three officers to the west side, where former officer Robert Faulcon shot and killed 40-year-old Ronald Madison.

Prosecutors say Faulcon shot an unarmed man in the back. Baron said he couldn't see if Madison did anything to provoke Faulcon.

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