Tow truck driver accused of soliciting bribes

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Posted: Nov 23, 2010 4:55 PM by Russell Jones
Source: New Orleans Inspector General

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NEW ORLEANS – A tow truck driver in New Orleans has been accused of asking for bribes in exchange for not towing people’s vehicles.

Dennis Firstley, a city employee, was arrested by NOPD after the alleged bribes were noticed in an investigation by the New Orleans Inspector General.

The OIG turned the investigation over to the District Attorney, and Firstley was later arrested.

Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux said in a press release he wants this to be a warning to city workers that would try to rip people off, and a warning to victims in cases like this one.

“If a city employee tries to extract money from you, call or write the OIG. New Orleans is fortunate to have a DA willing to prosecute those whose actions impugn the integrity of City government,” he said.

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