Tone changes in Jindal administration over cuts

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Posted: Jul 3, 2012 6:19 PM
Source: Associated Press

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BATON ROUGE - When a bloc of conservative state lawmakers pushed to strip money from the health department, the Jindal administration outcry was loud, suggesting the cuts could devastate health care services.

A month later, the $859 million in budget cuts hitting the Medicaid program from new congressional action are far larger, but Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration has been muted in talking about the ramifications.

There was no public outcry from the Republican governor as congressional House Republicans slashed state Medicaid funding, and he's not commented on the reduction since it received final passage in the federal highway bill.

Jindal's health secretary, Bruce Greenstein, said the cuts will be difficult but are "doable." But when smaller cuts were proposed during the legislative session, Greenstein said the reductions would affect "everyone's quality of life."

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