Survey: Backseat belt use doubles with new law

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Posted: Sep 7, 2010 3:33 PM
Source: Associated Press

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One year after a new law required back seat passengers to buckle up, a new survey says 58 percent are heeding the requirement and using their seat belts.

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission released the survey Tuesday. It was the first such review since the 2009 law took effect.

The head of the commission, John LeBlanc, says that compliance rate is good considering the law is fairly new. Before the 2009 law, a survey showed only 27 percent of back seat passengers used their seat belts.

Meanwhile, the review says 76 percent of drivers and front seat passengers are buckling up.

The study by Applied Technology Research Corp. of Baton Rouge showed the rates were highest with drivers and front seat passengers in vans and sport utility vehicles. The most reluctant were drivers and passengers of pickup trucks.

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