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"Snowing, Sledding, Snowballing-The Paperboy"

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Posted: Jan 17, 2013 5:55 PM by Pat Shingleton

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Topics: Aluminum Saucers, Garbage Can Lids, Snow Forts, Armies

Those of thus that "grew-up" with snow events still embrace the excitement of a potential "dusting." WBRZ's Brittany Weiss grew-up near Chicago and hasn't experienced snow in two years. As noted in a previous column, we rode the snow with a sled, aluminum saucer or garbage can lid. Overnight, Nicky Sudano hosed-down Windover Avenue; creating an ice layer that increased the speed for us but stranded up hill drivers. Next was melt-down time; turning the powder to squishy snow - perfect for snowballs. A bowling-ball of snow was rolled into a boulder. Stacked end-to-end and vertically the snow-forts were 20 feet apart with armies divided between the Shingleton's, Sudano's, and Minett's. The battle ended when paperboy Donnie Schlemmer was bombarded delivering the afternoon edition of the Ellwood City Ledger.

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