Snapshots of Sandy: Group restores victims' photos

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Posted: Feb 4, 2013 2:39 AM
Source: Associated Press

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NEW YORK - Of all the images of Superstorm Sandy's destruction, the pictures that linger for victims are the warped, stained ones that sat on their walls and shelves.

But volunteers scattered around the world are about to start digitally mending Sandy victims' personal photos. A group called Operation Photo Rescue began by shooting copies of damaged prints this weekend in Manhattan.

Over the coming weeks, volunteers will work on the digital copies to clear up water stains, remove dirt and debris and repair tears. In the end, the photo owners will get new prints, for free.

The nonprofit network of photographers, graphic artists and hobbyists was founded after Hurricane Katrina. Members have repaired more than 9,000 pictures damaged in tornadoes, flash floods and tropical storms around the United States.

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