Sheriff: Cabin not purposely burned in firefight

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Posted: Feb 14, 2013 7:09 AM
Source: Associated Press

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LOS ANGELES - The San Bernardino County sheriff says the fire that engulfed the cabin where murder suspect Christopher Dorner barricaded himself was not set on purpose.

Sheriff John McMahon says, "we did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out."

He says deputies lobbed pyrotechnic tear gas into the cabins and it erupted into flames. McMahon did not say directly that the tear gas started the blaze, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

McMahon says authorities have not positively identified the remains, however all evidence points to it being Dorner and the manhunt is considered over.

As for the $1 million reward offered for Dorner's capture and conviction, an LAPD spokesman says the mayor's office will determine if the money is paid out.

LAPD Officer Alex Martinez says he doesn't think there's going to be a reward. He says "there was no capture and no conviction." It's kind of a no-brainer."

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