Settlement with man who flipped-off cop

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Posted: Nov 15, 2012 7:29 PM by Michael Marsh
Updated: Nov 15, 2012 7:29 PM
Source: Associated Press

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Topics: Orem, Utah, ACLU, flipped off, Seth Dame

There's a settlement in a lawsuit where the ACLU says a man's constitutional rights were violated when a police officer pulled him over for giving the cop the middle finger in Orem, Utah. The ACLU sued on behalf of Seth Dame, who flipped off the officer. The officer pulled over the car Dame was riding in and cited him for disorderly conduct. The city declined to prosecute, but the ACLU claimed the traffic stop violated Dame's First and Fourth Amendment rights. Orem police agreed to continuing First Amendment training for officers and paid $5,000 in damages and lawyer's fees.

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