Scientists release more about lethal gas discovered at sinkhole site

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Posted: Nov 22, 2012 8:26 PM by Trey Schmaltz
Updated: Nov 22, 2012 8:26 PM

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BAYOU CORNE- Scientists keeping watch over a sinkhole in Assumption Parish believe everything is under control, after a week of concern since deadly gas was discovered in a vent well.

Monitoring devices warned of hydrogen sulfide on Monday. Tuesday, the vent was closed.

Thursday, experts updated the situation on a special blog set-up by leaders in Assumption Parish.

"It appears that the hydrogen sulfide produced by Relief Well #2 was only from the cap rock and not the alluvial aquifer vent wells," scientists in charge of the operation posted.

The cap rock is a few hundred feet underground.

Hydrogen sulfide is lethal. So, the operation was suspended when it was discovered, but some work has returned at the site. Other vent wells are still in operation.

The sinkhole developed after summer of concern, beginning with bubbles found in waterways around Bayou Corne.

So far, scientists have blamed the entire phenomenon on a salt cavern, deep under ground. Texas Brine is responsible for the salt cavern.

The company's been ordered to secure the area and monitor the air around the community.

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