Pointe Coupee pauses pit bull debate

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Posted: Apr 27, 2010 10:08 PM by Ashley Rodrigue
Updated: Apr 27, 2010 10:24 PM
Source: WBRZ

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"To ban or not to ban pit bulls" is the question that was left unanswered tonight after police jurors debated in Pointe Coupee Parish.

While one juror is calling for an outright ban of the dog breed, other jurors say what's on the books now needs stronger teeth. What most do agree on is that more time is needed to decide.

Animal Control officers say pit bulls are responsible for 80% of dog bites and vicious attacks in the parish. That's why the police jury is working hard to take a bite out of the problem.

Juror Russell Young wants to ban the breed all together, like St. Mary Parish did a month ago. But the commission appointed to the issue says that's not the best solution.

"We can't recommend banning just the pit bull and we can't recommend banning," said commission member Carol Vincent. "What we need to do is control."

Other jurors say that may be the best route to take, since there's only one animal control officer and loads of laws already in effect. The Animal Control Commission is leaning toward a fine-focused fix.

That recommendation is still in the works, and jurors pressing pause on making a decision. However, the parish hopes to have the recommendation and decision at the next police jury meeting on May 11.

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