Pop-up T-Showers Return

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Posted: Jul 22, 2014 5:48 AM by Meteorologist Josh Eachus

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Unlike Monday, showers and thunderstorms that pop-up will not be limited to the coast. Scattered action is anticipated around the viewing area; about 30-50% of us will record measurable rainfall. Look for storms to fire up during the afternoon. Skies will be partly sunny otherwise with a humid high in the low 90s.

This would be a good time to mention the meanings of precipitation forecast wording and PoPs (probability of precipitation). The numbers indicate the percent chance any given point in the viewing area will have measurable rainfall. More simply put, it is the percent chance that you will see rain at your home. The words isolated, scattered and likely help to reinforce the percentages issued with any forecast.

Isolated (1-30%) | Scattered (31-60%) | Likely (61-99%)

If a forecast is accurate, when looking at the daily rainfall accumulations, the issued PoP should be close the spatial coverage of measurable precipitation in the viewing area.

***REMEMBER: A PoP IS NOT the amount of time it will rain during the day, NOR is it an indicator of how much rain will fall.

The nighttime hours will mean diminished showers and muggy temperatures-low 73°.

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