Police juror says city should pay for sewage issue

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Posted: Mar 7, 2013 5:54 PM by Olivia LaBorde
Updated: Mar 7, 2013 7:16 PM
Source: WBRZ

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NEW ROADS - Water gets pretty high on Coretta Drive after heavy rains. Back in January, some of it ended up in Josie Lewis' bathroom.

"I went into my bathroom and I was like what is this odor? It was sewage," Lewis told News 2.

Her landlord, Pointe Coupee Police Juror Cornell Dukes, says he forked over $1,500 to clean the house. Now, he wants his money back.

Dukes believes sewage went into his house because the Walker Street pump station and well is not working correctly

"Whatever happens with the line that runs through this property caused the damage caused the problem to the tub and the master bedroom.," Dukes says.

His request for reimbursement was denied. City leaders say engineers told them the pump is working just fine, and insist the only complaint has come from Dukes.

"The reason I think it's not a city issue is because nobody else has a problem," says New Roads Mayor Robert Myer.

However, News 2 spoke to several homeowners in the neighborhood who say they've been dealing with a sewage issue for years

"The water is not flowing through the pipes so we're stuck with trash," says Wendy G.

Dukes suspects some of his neighbors are afraid to come forward. He plans to appeal the mayor's decision with the city council.

"This is a subdivision issue. From what I understand the line has been redirected to different properties at different periods of time; and every time a line is redirected, there is always a problem in that particular dwelling," he says.

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