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Pat Shingleton: "You Thought Texas was Big!"

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Posted: Dec 28, 2013 11:09 AM by Pat Shingleton

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Topics: Alaska, Texas, Mount McKinley, Highest 1 day snow

Alaska holds the distinction as the largest state in area; almost twice the size of Texas. It is also home to America's tallest peak, Mount McKinley at 20,320 feet, and its glaciers cover 29,000 square miles. In Barrow, the sun is below the horizon from November 20th through January 22nd. According to NOAA, six of the top 25 windiest cities in the United States are in Alaska, and St. Paul Island ranks as the second windiest location behind Mt. Washington, N.H. Weather extremes in Alaska include the lowest temperature at -80 degrees at Prospect Creek Camp, and the highest, 100 degrees at Fort Yukon. As noted in a previous column, the highest one-day snowfall occurred at Thompson Pass with 662 inches on December 29, 1955.

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