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Pat Shingleton: "Where's summer?"

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Posted: Jul 6, 2014 4:48 PM by Pat Shingleton

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Mount Tambora, on the island of Sumbawa, erupted in April of 1815. This incident was the most explosive eruption in 10,000 years. At the end of the volcano's convulsions, 4,200 feet of its 13,000 foot height were gone as 25 cubic miles of ash was released into the atmosphere. In an area of 200 miles from the eruption site there was total darkness for three days. Mariners reported a foot-thick layer of volcanic debris on the sea surface that lasted four years. The immediate fatalities from the eruption totaled 10,000 with an additional 82,000 deaths on Sumbawa and neighboring islands due to starvation. With numerous reports of global warming today, tomorrow's column identifies an example of global cooling and "The Year Without Summer."

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