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Pat Shingleton: "Water Locator or Apple Launcher?"

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Posted: May 9, 2014 6:01 PM by Pat Shingleton

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Topics: Divining Rods, Witching Rods

In the old days, attempts to locate water was called dowsing and a dowsing rod, divining rod or witching rod was used. As noted in a previous column, the rod was a Y shaped twig that supposedly jumped upon contact with a water source. My grandfather would whittle the rod to educate us as to its benefits. Not that interested, we would use the rods as "apple launchers." Jamming an apple on the rod and whipping it like a fishing rod would propel the apple and increase the velocity. My brother Kevin held the record for hitting two heads with one apple from a "launcher." Kevin first hit Pumpkin Head Hulick and the apple ricocheted into the helmet of Bob "Head" Krestel. Jessie Dominick commented, "Kevin and those two all had heads "like a lion."

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