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Pat Shingleton: "Two 'Ewing' Pools"

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Posted: Jun 27, 2014 10:51 AM by Pat Shingleton

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The cool spot for us was the Ewing Park Pool. With most families only having one car, "way-back-then," the mode of transportation was walking. The pool was located approximately two miles from our home. On a hot summer day, there was plenty of excitement getting to the pool and not so much on the way home. We'd wait in line until the siren at the local firestation wailed, which it did every day at 1:00 PM, signaling the opening of the pool. The schedule included diving, dunking, cannon balls and harassing Phil Tammarro, the life guard. Recognizing Ewing Park in Ellwood City, in New Roads, Becky Ewing will inflate a portable pool today for her birthday. Family members, Arthur, Lane, Carol and Noonie will cram in there for a cool down.

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