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Pat Shingleton: "The Number 90..."

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Posted: May 21, 2014 6:01 PM by Pat Shingleton

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Our Tune-In and Noon Weather Anchor, Josh Eachus, compiled some interesting items that I "lifted" from his posting on Josh noted that Baton Rouge reached 90 degrees for the first time last year on May 20th. Over the years the first 90 degree reading traditionally is recorded by May 14th. It appears that we should log our first 90-"degree-er" today and the earliest 90 degree day was logged March 2nd-1909. Ironically, the next earliest reading was on April 10, 1908 and the latest occurred on June 10, 1950 and 1976. The last 90 degree daytime high hit on October 27, 1907 while on average it occurs October 3rd. The maximum number of days for 90 degrees or above was 127 in 1963 as we "enjoy" 90 days per years in the 90s.

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