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Pat Shingleton: "The Motion of the Ocean..."

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Posted: Dec 4, 2013 5:33 PM by Pat Shingleton

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Topics: Lobster Pots. Nike Shoes. The Perfect Storm

Lobster pots are identified by a tag that notes the owner and port of origin. In 1990, a Korean container ship experienced treacherous weather sending 80,000 Nike shoes overboard. Oceanographers still target the shoes as "tracers" to validate ocean currents. On beaches in Alaska to Oregon and Hawaii the sneakers are still found. Three years ago in Waterville, County Kerry, Ireland, Rosemary Hill retrieved a lobster pot with a plate depicting the name, Richard F. Gueiredo. It came from the Andrea Gail, showcased in Sebastian Junger's book, "Perfect Storm." The pot was adrift since October, 1991 when it capsized, killing all onboard. The pot drifted for 20 years, in the open ocean, travelling more than 3000 miles.

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