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Pat Shingleton: "Hey Pat, Go Fly A Kite!"

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Posted: Apr 3, 2014 5:57 PM by Pat Shingleton

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Topics: China - The invention of the kite. Homemade Kites

Aerodynamic design innovations have furthered kite flying to new "heights," including multiple line maneuvering. As noted in a previous column, the kite was first constructed in China 2800 years ago. Construction included silk and bamboo for a lightweight yet strong framework. In our early years, Nick Sudano's dad would construct our kites by using sections of the Ellwood City Ledger glued to strips of balsa wood with a long tail for additional stability. March and April were perfect for kites as strong cold fronts provided northwest winds that kept our kites aloft for hours. I enjoy kite flying on Santa Rosa Island, Pensacola. Today from 11 'til 6, the 10th Annual Kite Fest Louisiane is soaring at the West Baton Rouge Soccer Complex.

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