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Pat Shingleton: "Deadly Icicles..."

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Posted: Jan 8, 2014 6:00 PM by Pat Shingleton

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Topics: Lightning, Ice Cicles.

Thawing today could find episodes of falling ice from towers and buildings. On January 9, 1951 near Dusseldorf, Germany, a roofer was killed when a shaft of ice dropped from the sky and passed through him. The icicle was six feet long and six inches in diameter. In Long Beach, California in 1953, three cars at an auto dealership incurred significant damage when chunks of ice fell from a cloudless sky. One "man-sized" chunk, blasted a car, ripped open the hood, exposed the engine; breaking into smaller chunks that were scattered over the lot. On January 8, 1953 in Ermelo, South Africa, a native boy was struck by lightning leading a team of eight oxen. Knocked unconscious he was about to be trampled when a second bolt killed all eight animals.

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