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Pat Shingleton: "Cuttin' through a Hail Stone"

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Posted: Feb 25, 2014 10:57 PM by Pat Shingleton

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An isolated thunderstorm cell began west of Livonia Tuesday at lunch time. The cell gathered momentum and with the process of convergence and divergence it built into a hefty thunderstorm. By 1:00 PM it was rolling down the Interstate. Once it hit Baton Rouge, small hail ejected from the thunderhead. At approximately 1:30 PM I was preparing to exit my residence enroute to WBRZ when the "machine gun" erupted. The traditional rat-a-tat-tat on the roof, gutters and windows fully identified a hail storm. Within minutes the pea to marble sized stones filled the walkways and flower beds. Larger stones affords the opportunity to slice 'em; witness the rings that identify the hail's swirling movement as it moves through warm/cold air pockets.

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