Most gates open at Bonnet Carre, few at Morganza

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Posted: May 18, 2011 2:38 PM
Updated: May 18, 2011 2:38 PM
Source: Associated Press

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NEW ORLEANS - The Army Corps of Engineers said 16 of 125 bays were open on Wednesday at the Morganza spillway upriver from Baton Rouge, sending water from the Mississippi River into the swampy spillway and on to the Atchafalaya River at a rate of 108,000 cubic feet per second.

The total was up 1 bay from Tuesday morning.

Farther south at the Bonnet Carre spillway upriver from New Orleans, the corps said 330 of 350 bays were open flowing water at a rate of 316,000 cubic feet per second toward Lake Pontchartrain, unchanged from Tuesday.

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