Missing boy found in family's basement

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Posted: Jun 26, 2014 7:33 AM by Hunter Robinson
Updated: Jun 26, 2014 9:04 AM
Source: CNN

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DETROIT, MI - The search for a missing 12-year-old in Detroit is over, but there is now confusion about where the boy was found.

The eleven day search ended when police found him in the basement of his home. It was the fourth time authorities swept the home since he disappeared nearly two weeks ago.

The boy was actually found while his father was being interviewed live by Nancy Grace. He was stunned silent by the news. Some people are now throwing accusations his way due to his son's mysterious reappearance, and he doesn't like it.

"For anybody to imply that I somehow knew that my son was in the basement, it's absurd and it's wrong," Charlie Bothuell fired back at reporters, "I love my son, I'm glad he's home and he's going to get the great future he deserves. Period."

The missing boy's father took a polygraph test, but the results were inconclusive. His stepmother declined to take the test.

The family says the boy has run away in the past.

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