Louisiana's longest married couple

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Posted: Feb 14, 2012 2:49 PM by Brian Waldrep
Updated: Feb 14, 2012 2:49 PM
Source: La. Family Forum

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Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) is celebrating Norman and Norma Burmah, of Marksville, La., for their spectacular 81 years of marriage and recognizes them as the 2012 Louisiana's Longest ‘Known' Married Couple!

LFF celebrates life-long marriage and strong, healthy families.

Louisiana's Longest Married is an opportunity to honor couples who have exemplified fidelity and devotion in their marriage covenant.

A special desert reception will be held today in their honor at the Governor's Mansion.

Introduced by a close friend, Norman, 101, and and Norma, 98, met at the "Roof Garden Dance Hall" in New Orleans during a live performance by Louis Armstrong playing their theme song "What a Wonderful World."

They were married shortly thereafter on January 26, 1931.

"Maw" and "Paw," as their family fondly calls them, begin each day in prayer.

Norma claims that she's a "young 98" and continues to prove this through her love for parties and her independent trip to France only years ago.

Norma has never driven a day in her life. However, Norman is not shy of his achievements adding that he drove until he was 97 and rode his first jet-ski at 92 !

While he's a student of politics, football and game shows, she's a fan of "Lawrence Welk" and enjoys old movies.

They created a livelihood together, operating a thriving catering business inspired by their Creole heritage.

They lived in New Orleans until 2005, and, to this day, they both remain deeply devoted New Orleans Saints fans.

After tragically losing their home during Hurricane Katrina, the Burmahs moved to Marksville, La. At 97 years of age, Norman proudly purchased their new home where they independently live along with their prize Rooster, "Jindal."

They have been blessed with a healthy family consisting of two children, six grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

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