Legislative update: Michael Shingleton

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Posted: Apr 26, 2010 11:53 AM by Michael Shingleton
Source: WBRZ

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Governor Jindal hit on a few things in his weekly legislative press conference to the media. Here are a few items that were brought up.

HB 1269 has been added to Jindal's legislative package. It would provide whoever solicits a person under the age of 17 to become a member of a street gang, when there is a difference in age of at least three years between the solicitior and the person being solicited, go to prison, with or without hard labor, for 4 years or less and face a fine of $10,000 - or both.

HB 1236, goes to the house floor tomorrow. It requires a suspension of a drivers license for people who prematurely remove an ignition interlock device installed as a condition of reinstate driving privileges.

HB 193 also goes to the house floor tomorrow - it authorizes certain law enforcement agencies to issue an administrative subpoena to obtain information regarding an Internet account used in a sex offense or exploitation of children.

SB 53 goes back to the Senate floor - dealing with holding of casino winnings for those who are behind on child support payments

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