La. House, Senate take up congressional remap

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Posted: Apr 4, 2011 11:07 AM
Source: Associated Press

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BATON ROUGE - Both the full House and Senate are taking up the congressional remap, deciding how to carve up the state into six U.S. House districts.

The state is losing a congressional seat because its population growth wasn't as strong as other states.

As floor debate began in the House on Monday, divides weren't as straightforward as partisanship issues. Instead, lawmakers and congressmen also are split by region. The Senate debate was scheduled to begin in the afternoon.

Among the main disputes is whether to maintain two vertical, north Louisiana-based congressional districts or to create a horizontal northern district and horizontal central Louisiana-based district.

All the plans would maintain a majority black district based in New Orleans, but it would have to stretch further west to meet the population numbers.

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