Killer wants firing squad execution

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Posted: Apr 23, 2010 8:35 PM by Michael Marsh
Updated: Apr 23, 2010 8:37 PM
Source: Associated Press

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Topics: Ronnie Lee Gardner, firing squad, execution, Utah

A condemned killer in Utah ask a judge to be executed by firing squad and the judge granted his request. Ronnie Lee Gardner had the choice between lethal injection or firing squad by a five-member team. Gardner got the death penalty for killing a lawyer 25-years ago during an escape try that led to a shootout. "I would like the firing squad, please," Gardner told state judge Robin Reese, after Reese explained that his avenues for appeal appeared to be exhausted. Utah is the only state that uses the firing squad as a method of execution among the 35 states that have the death penalty. Just two others have died by firing squad in Utah. Gary Gilmore died in a hail of bullets in 1977 followed by John Albert Taylor in 1996. Gardner's execution date is not set.

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