Jindal nearing end of his Asian business trip

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Posted: Jan 17, 2014 8:40 AM
Updated: Jan 17, 2014 8:40 AM

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BATON ROUGE - Gov. Bobby Jindal is wrapping up his Asian economic development trip, providing few details about what he's done while there.

The Republican governor, on his first overseas business development mission, is scheduled to return to Louisiana on Saturday. He's spent a week in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, along with Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret.

The governor's office only gave details about a few events: Jindal's meeting with Taiwan's president and with executives from Formosa Plastics Corp. in Taiwan and the parent company of Shintech in Japan, both of which have plants in south Louisiana.

Jindal's spokesman Kyle Plotkin has said the governor met with leaders of 10 other companies during the trip, but wouldn't name the businesses. Jindal has said many of the businesses didn't want the meetings disclosed.

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