Jefferson Parish president resigns

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Posted: Jan 8, 2010 1:36 PM by Brett Troxler
Source: Associated Press

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Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard resigned Friday as federal officials investigated alleged corruption in parish government.

Mike Ellis, the attorney for Broussard, said he knew of no pending criminal charges and that the 60-year-old Broussard was stepping down "to clear the air and not be a lightning rod for Jefferson Parish."

The move follows the resignation of Jefferson's chief administrator, Tim Whitmer, who is involved in a controversy concerning his private insurance agency's dealings with local government and companies that hold parish contracts.

Broussard could not be reached for comment but was expected to issue a statement Friday afternoon.

Parish Councilman Elton Lagasse said he expects the council to appoint an interim president to serve until an election is held.

Broussard's resignation ends a four-decade political career, all spent in Jefferson Parish.

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