Health department to rework CommunityCare program

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Posted: Nov 22, 2010 12:19 PM
Source: Associated Press

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BATON ROUGE- The Jindal administration plans to revamp, rather than scrap, a Medicaid program that links poor children with physicians who manage their care.

State Health and Hospitals Secretary Bruce Greenstein says the reworked program will have a "pay for performance" feature, in which doctors get more money if they meet certain standards of care.

The administration had proposed a Jan. 1 end to CommunityCare, a program that provides medical homes to some 600,000 children up to age 21. Elimination of the program was proposed as a budget cutting measure to avoid a Medicaid deficit this year.

Greenstein says the CommunityCare program wasn't working as intended. But pediatricians objected to canceling the program entirely, so Greenstein agree to redesign it.

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